Gamernode: Ninja Gaiden II Review

Gamernode writes: "The recent news that Ninja Gaiden lead designer Tomonobu Itagaki would be resigning from his position at Tecmo and Team Ninja was a shocking development in the videogame industry, but it comes as no surprise that Ninja Gaiden II, now the swan song of the Itagaki era, is a stellar action title and a worthy successor to the critically acclaimed first entry in the series.

Ninja Gaiden II feels very much like an extension of the original Ninja Gaiden for the Xbox console. It follows similar chapter-based linear progression and features a nearly identical, although slightly upgraded, visual style as well as many of the same combat maneuvers, weapons, and environments. Veterans will easily recognize places such as the Hayabusa village and surrounding area as carbon copies of the first game, and will be intimately familiar with at least 6 of Ryu's weapons this time around. But does that mean that Ninja Gaiden II is nothing more than another rehash?

Fortunately, no. In terms of gameplay and fun, Ninja Gaiden II has taken what made Ninja Gaiden great and has refined and expanded upon it in a number of ways."

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pirat10fc3834d ago

The story isn't as importan. The action is enought. NG 2 is like ninja gaiden 1 but better. So if u like the first one u gonna love ng 2.

mysterious_warrior3833d ago

This really is a good game for the hardcore gamers that like strategy and non stop action. This is for the faint at heart.

Zhuk3833d ago

Another AAA title in the Xbox 360s unbeatable lineup

Silogon3833d ago

Yeah, sure is. 70% on meta is it? Maybe 74% It's sold 250,000 copies to date by the way. It's a huge bomb on an epic scale for Microsoft and Tecmo. I bought the game and I do love it but lets get real here, this game isn't AAA material for anyone other than the series fans.

Like me, and obviously you.

Sigma was more of a success and maybe Tecmo will give the Ps3 a version now.

InMyOpinion3833d ago

More like 83% avg on gamerankings.

juuken3833d ago (Edited 3833d ago )

I wouldn't call the 360's lineup unbeatable, but Ninja Gaiden 2 does sounds like a really good game. Can't wait to play it once I get my 360.

Pain3833d ago

Only places that rate it high are "who the hell is this website" ,other rate it what it is 5 /10 .

like always overhype XBOX game, Sigma sold better and NG2 is going to be Ported to Better System cuz of its Failure on Xbox 2, just wait till the 'M$ payed to be Exclusiveness' run's out.

poopface13832d ago

a review you see with a five on it is most likely HAZE.