'It Was Just As Much Work On Both PS4 And Xbox One To Achieve 1080p/60fps'

"There are nuances and challenges with development on each console," says Mel Kirk, Vice President of Publishing at Zen Studios.

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Ghost_of_Tsushima1237d ago

Well you're developing a pinball game it's not like you're pushing the consoles technically like AAA developers do.

Dudebro901237d ago (Edited 1237d ago )

And what have you developed to have such knowledge on how to program for ps4 and Xbox one?

I'd love to support an indie dev and purchase your game.

Highlife1237d ago (Edited 1237d ago )

You don't have to be a dev to know that come on. It be like saying it just as much work on both systems to make pong 1080p 60fps. Well duh we have seen games like infamous and rise then you see a pinball game so you know the systems can handle just fine don't need to be a dev to know that

BiggerBoss1237d ago

So are you claiming that a pinball game DOES take as much effort and resources as a high budget game like Halo or Uncharted? Yeah okay

Christopher1237d ago

Crap. I didn't know we all had to be game developers in order to understand the difference between a game like Second Son and Zen Pinball 2. Damn it!

PONTIAC08G8GT1237d ago

These articles are stupid. "Oh it was hard working with X1" or "the X1 wasn't so bad." Like who honestly cares. As the gamer I just care about the final product. Just like cars, some cars are easier to work on than others, big deal.

SilentNegotiator1237d ago (Edited 1237d ago )

It's adorable that you have more agrees than disagrees - obviously the fanboys are once again happy to convince themselves that not having trouble with eSRAM is the norm because a developer that's making an undemanding game didn't (all the while, Crytek, a company renowned for it's technical prowess and that also created an Xbone exclusive, does - ).

Getting a AAA title to 1080p60fps is harder than a pinball game...that fact isn't even remotely up for debate.

Same pinball developer, same website reporting (GamingBolt).

sinspirit1237d ago

So, you must be the expert, right? Basically inferring that a game like Assassin's Creed: Black Flag is just as easy to run on a PS4 as a X1, when we know that isn't true. The one with stronger performance requires less work for optimization for the hardware and adjusting graphics to suit its performance. Destiny is a great example of this. Destiny already had been 1080p/30fps on PS4 for a while, but Bungie had Microsoft software engineers help them push X1 to 1080p/30fps. Destiny had room for improvement on PS4 but they held back for parity.

So, multiplatform games shows PS4 to be easier to run games at higher settings, meaning less work to optimize or adjust graphics to suit the console performance. Meaning less work. A simple pinball game doesn't push either consoles performance. But, apparently this common sense is nullified because of your one uneducated comment!

Saigon1237d ago

@Rashid Sayed

Are you trying to prove something...I am not certain how many of these articles I can take that doesn't prove anything.

mcarsehat1236d ago (Edited 1236d ago )

You DO need to be a dev to know how to program for each console. That's what is wrong with this site, everyone seems to know everything about anyone in gaming. You don't so put your ego in the bin where it belongs.


Take Frasier Crane off your icon, you do not deserve him!

gangsta_red1236d ago

So wait, does anyone know the difference between this pinball game using physics, art assets, graphic collision, 3D modeling and rendering, multiplayer, stereo sound and everything else that went in just as SS did?

I love it, all these non developers still thinking they know more because one is a pinball game and the other isn't so that must mean a game isn't pushing the limits.

That is going to be the new excuse whenever a dev reaches 1080p for the X1, "te game doesn't push the boundaries of the system!"

Have any of you played these Zen pinball games? Just as much time, effort and polish goes into these games as any AAA game you played.

Spotie1236d ago

Are you guys stupid? You don't have to make games to know Pong isn't as complicated or taxing as Halo.

Sheikh Yerbouti1236d ago


Remember dev's defficulty with PS3, brah...?

Still this is Zen Pinball. It should be easy for them to get 4K. Meanwhile, Bungie has problems with 1080 on the XBOne. It matters...just not here.

MasterCornholio1236d ago

You never played their pinball games on a tablet before.


Shows how silly your comment is.

But your a dudebro so I understand why you said that.

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system221237d ago

Haha I do love it when someone making some tiny game comes in talking about it like they were making something like the witcher or the division or something

marlinfan101237d ago

Hes going off his experience, what else would you like him to do? Maybe he should be like people on this site and talk about stuff he doesnt know about or isnt working on.

MazzingerZ1237d ago (Edited 1237d ago )

I don't know man, I can't program a single pixel to move one position on X360 or PS4 so can't say he doesn't know what he's talking about

Anonagrog1237d ago

Why does being on a big/AAA project make a person more knowledgeable on this subject matter than, say, if a dev were indie and/or working on a similar arcade-y games as seen here?

Pixel_Enemy1237d ago

The title should include the game they were making so people would know that this is no AAA game and therefore not worth clicking.

CloudRap1237d ago

oh look another keyboard dev

s8anicslayer1237d ago

How many more of these articles from rasheed about dev difficulty do we need? We know that PS4 is easier to develop for, since it's inception it was said from it's creators it was created with ease of development in mind among other things. Xbox one has a bit less power and was made as an all round home entertainment device such as watching TV. Both are great systems and I'm sure will find their niche this gen but seriously stop with these stories already!

SilentNegotiator1237d ago

GamingBolt is just going to post quotes from this Pinball developer until they stop getting hits. And fanboys will continue to flood them to pretend like a dev creating an undemanding game not having troubles with development is the norm, all the while ignoring big time developers like Crytek that say developing around eSRAM is tricky ( ).

700p1237d ago

THIS JUST IN: The_Infected develops games!

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ps4fanboy1237d ago

Cows must be crapping in fields cos I smell....

ps4fanboy1237d ago

Come on guys I was purely trying to be funny , its obviously true.....

Seems humour fails me , as does sarcasm.

Eonjay1237d ago

I really can't imagine it was difficult to get to 1080p on either.

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