Darksiders PS3 collection details, Coming out on Sept. 7

SegmentNext - "Nordic Games bought the Darksiders IP from previous publisher THQ and announced a Darksiders collection. The collection is now set to make its way onto Sony’s PS3 after its release on Xbox 360 earlier this month on August 7."

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RuleNumber51481d ago (Edited 1481d ago )

Seriously. This just in, the entire Star Wars collection is coming to DVD.

Enemy1481d ago

Yeah I would have preferred remasters.

ABizzel11481d ago


That's kind of surprising, because both games were on PC, so you'd expect a PS4 / XBO version.

raistra1480d ago

Because it's easier to just add in new features, expect the remasters to come on XB1 and PS4 in like a year. Also the PC ports weren't exactly great. DS2 had a much better one, but it was still decent at best. I'm honestly more interested in what they'll add, DS1 is my No1. game of last generation, I hope they don't fuck it up basicly.

darthv721481d ago

Im more interested in Nordic continuing the series. There are two more horsemen to make games around.

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roland821481d ago

I would buy remasters darksiders collection for the ps4 in a second

LAWSON721481d ago (Edited 1481d ago )


Corpser1481d ago

New rule: 2 is not a collection, it's a pair

LAWSON721481d ago

A collection is a group of thing's'; 2 is plural and can represent things so they can call it a collection.

Dudebro901481d ago

$20 a game. Sounds reasonable to me..

Freeball1481d ago

Except you could probably buy the games separately right now on the 360 for $20 total or less.

user56695101481d ago

I brought this collection with all dlc on steam last week for $7. Incoming hate and excuses.

Palitera1481d ago

We are talking about gaming here, not hoarding.

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