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Naughty Dog dominates August with The Last of Us: Remastered

Strong sales of The Last of Us: Remastered made Naughty Dog the most successful studio in terms of UK sales during August. (PS4, The Last Of Us Remastered)

incendy35  +   311d ago
That is good to hear, it deserves it. One of the best games ever made and definitely the best game on next gen systems thus far.
die_fiend   311d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(2)
die_fiend  +   311d ago
No I agree it's an amazing game. I just don't know who this guy is to tell us that.
thegent  +   311d ago
does your question really matter? who are you to ask that? That's what a comment section is for, if you don't want to read people's opinion don't look at them.
Arkardo  +   311d ago
So, as salty as your comment is, let's forget about that a minute, you discredit someone's opinion by saying it doesn't count at all but yours do?

Stop pretending that you like it, you and everyone knows you're a salty fanboy, don't embarrass yourself.
G20WLY  +   311d ago
Well this is awkward...I completely agree with you for the first time EVER. O_O

It does deserve the sales and it goes to show that either:

a) people liked it that much on PS3 they rebought the remastered version for PS4.... AND/OR

b) many PS4 owners never owned PS3

Either one of those scenarios (yes, I know there could be others too...) is great news for Naughty Dog (and Sony) and testament to the wonderful experience they created.
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chrismichaels04  +   311d ago
Congrats to Naughty Dog and PS4. The Last of Us is definitely one of the best games of the past 10 years. It's great to see so many new PS4 gamers that came over from the 360 and Wii last gen have the opportunity to enjoy this masterpiece on the PS4.
Scark92  +   311d ago
I love how the best games on a certain system usually come towards the end of its life, lets hope we see amazing games earlier on the PS4.
incendy35  +   311d ago
Haha, well I always praise Naughty Dog so you probably agree with me often, just didn't realize it. I love their games. Pretty much the reason I bought PS3 and PS4.
tlougotg  +   311d ago
I re bought it and it was a worthy investment. Im putting tons of hours into the beautiful looking and original mp experience. Definitely a breathe of fresh air and a change from the run and gun dominated mp games. Ill take this mp over COD, Destiny, etc.... anyday.
ShowGun901  +   311d ago
...except for all the people playing it just like COD, sprinting everywhere, never wondering why EVERYBODY on the other team always know you're trying to flank them!

people need to learn to play the game properly!
tlougotg  +   310d ago
Those are easy picking. I play most iin parties and usually end up against parties so i face tht Alot. An idiot running around trying to be Rambo just dies over and over.
ShowGun901  +   310d ago

yea, but they give ME away, too! (im a flanker LOL)

ugh, now i gotta go a different way...
Gamer4life888  +   311d ago
Well deserved
Sokol  +   311d ago
Very well deserved, one of the best single player games I played in a very long time. The excelent multiplayer is only a fantastic bonus.
PR_FROM_OHIO  +   311d ago
No surprise really! This game is a MASTERPIECE and many people who owned 360's didn't get a chance to play it until now!! Congrats SONY,ND well deserved!!
Corpser  +   311d ago
Wow it outsold watch dogs in August
Quicktim3  +   311d ago
Naughty Dog doin work. waiting to see what they're unannounced new ip is.
jjonez18  +   311d ago
With a Remaster, no less...
ShowGun901  +   311d ago
"The Last of Us accounted for 18.6 per cent of UK games sales"

GOOD LORD!!! that means nearly 1 in every 5 games sold in the UK for the month of august was TLoU:Remastered! thats crazy! theres only 10mil ps4s compared to 182(ish) million other consoles combined...

and its a remaster of a last-gen game...

it cant be simply dismissed because "the ps4 haz no othr gamez!" because it stomped the competition across the board... great job ND! glad to see the success!
Austin48  +   311d ago
sequel confirmed!!!!!!!!!!!
BABY-JEDI  +   311d ago
I'm now playing Grounded. This game just gets better & better
; D

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