Grand Theft Auto V PC Cancelation Rumor Debunked

Yesterday there was a rumor circulating that Grand Theft Auto V‘s PC release may have been canceled, after Fox Weekly posted an interview with the chairman of Rockstar North’s alleged marketing company Rantic, John Hoffberger, who spoke of Rockstar’s hesitation in bringing the game to the PC.

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acharlez1445d ago

I HAS to be coming to PC.

NovusTerminus1445d ago

Really? When can I download you? XP

Nekroo911445d ago

theres already mods on console so theres nothing special about that

BiggCMan1445d ago

You really don't understand.

Scenarist1445d ago

he does not have a clue ! hahahaha .. anyway i have been holding out toooo long for them to cancel , i have not played nor seen any spoiling videos of this game yet... only trailers

tee_bag2421445d ago

Cool story . Clearly you've no idea to be claiming what's special or not.

TehBAT1445d ago

Is there an Iron Man mod for GTA V on console? How about the Watch Dogs one? No? Surely there must be the iceEnhancer right? No? Huh. so much for mods.

poor_cus_of_games1445d ago

Yeah like unreal tournament 3

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pastysmash1445d ago

It's only PS4 owners who are hoping this is true.

Although it'll never actually Happen.

BiggCMan1445d ago

And who determined that, you?

zsquaresoff1445d ago

He's pulled the facts right out of his arse.

GarrusVakarian1445d ago

"It's only PS4 owners who are hoping this is true. "

I'm sure the 10 million PS4 owners out there are glad that you're speaking on their behalf.


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weekev151445d ago

Tbh the rumour, whilst appearing to come from a Rockstar employee, has to be fake. Unless Take two/ Rockstar have decided they no longer like money and want to exist purely to irritate the PC master race.

poor_cus_of_games1445d ago

Pc master race? Ya know that the whole pc master race rubbish was first started by console owners to insult pc players.

Eiffel1445d ago (Edited 1445d ago )

Actually, The Escapist started it as a joke toward elitist egotism which was later embraced by PC gamers as a running joke to piss off console fanboys.

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