Exclusive software in development for New Nintendo 3DS

New Nintendo 3DS is already getting one exclusive game that won't be on the original models - Xenoblade Chronicles. However, that's just the beginning.

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Sokol1488d ago

Interesting, how do we interpret the new 3ds system then? As a new handheld or a upgrade?

It's a little unfair to curent owners of the 3ds systems, how will they enjoy those exclusive games?

Odd decision, I'm still not sure how will this impact current and future 3ds library of games..

cleft51488d ago

As long as it is backwards compatible it won't matter. Remember the DSi and then the DSi XL. All that matters is that these devices are backwards compatible.

Christopher1488d ago

Yeah, but the DSi XL didn't have exclusive games for it, did it? I don't recall that it id.

wonderfulmonkeyman1488d ago

Well, considering its coming out in a year, there's plenty of time to save up, and it'll be backwards compatible so those who upgrade won't be losing out by buying games for older models.

3-4-51488d ago

Xenoblade CAN'T run on the current model.

IF we want to play it on a handheld, then you need the new 3DS.

It's either we get the game but you need to upgrade, or you don't get the game.

* Since Xenoblade is possibly Wii's largest game, this basically means ALL other Wii games can be ported to the 3DS from this point on.

This is a GREAT move, but most people will be ignorant and overlook all the cool factors about this and just complain.

Christopher1488d ago

They should have just released all new hardware forcing everyone to upgrade all together. Now it's on a game-by-game process and it's confusing for the end user. I also noticed they didn't mention releasing an updated 2DS on this.

Number-Nine1488d ago

silly move by nintendo. no US release until 2015? gonna hurt the 3ds sales this holiday because theyre just going to hold out.

MegaRay1488d ago

I know i am holding off. Was about to buy an XL one.

SteamPowered1488d ago

Nintendo should have held out for a new handheld altogether before doing exclusive content. Its not enough of a difference to warrant an upgrade from the 3ds, so Im not sure what their angle is.
Personally, I will hold off on this gen until they do a full-on upgrade from the 3ds.

Starbucks_Fan1488d ago

There better be some GOOD trade in programs for this new model.

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