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Submitted by blackphosphor 527d ago | opinion piece

Titanfall Update 6 Game Mode Removes Main Game Concept

The new Titanfall 6 update will introduce a surprising new game mode called Pilot Skirmish. The new Featured Game Mode is an 8v8 mode but with no AI and no Titans. Straight up pilot vs. pilot. So Titanfall with no falling Titans - doesn't that remove most of what made the original game concept? (PC, TitanFall, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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incendy35  +   527d ago
Personally I can't see myself playing that mode very much. But a lot of the internet was very vocal about having pilot only matches. Gotta listen to the customers "babies" :D
ThichQuangDuck  +   527d ago
They wanted no bots all players,but no titans is quite silly. It will literally be just COD
4Sh0w  +   527d ago
nah, not like COD, even playing as a pilot with wall running and jetpacks always feels different than COD to me, people always just want to strip away every mechanic to label it as COD with "___" but its different enough and that's so easy to oversimplify any game in the same genre and make that statement.

That said, yeah I probably won't play this mode much, when I play Titanfall I want to play with TITANS involved, even if I enjoy being on foot more, Titans add another layer to the gameplay so I don't really get the desire for this mode.

It's just an option though so no harm, no foul.
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thekhurg  +   527d ago
Maybe without the Titans and bots and just pilots the framerate and screen tearing can be fixed.
incendy35  +   527d ago
I wish COD played like Titanfall Pilots. Especially the wall running and wall hanging.
PONTIAC08G8GT  +   527d ago
Sorry but I play TF to play with Titans, not run around trying to just kill pilots all game. Basically removing what makes Titanfall.......Titanfall.
ARESWARLORD  +   526d ago
I agree the Titans are the best part
tgunzz  +   527d ago
It doesn't remove, it just adds more options (it a game mode)... I can only play titan fall the traditional way, but I am sure that there will be a good amount of TF gamers engaging this mode.
theRell  +   527d ago
It's what people wanted. The game gets negatively criticized for having AI during multiplayer, they offer a game mode with AI. What comes next, more negative criticism. It's just an option.
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700p  +   527d ago
Exactly. Its a smart move by respawn.
Droidbro  +   527d ago
Title is another flaim/click bait lie. How does adding an optional new game mode remove main concept of game?
MCTJim  +   527d ago
so they can flame the game. You know, those who are the have nots...its just amazing that this game is still in the top 10/20 in terms of staying power!! I think this game rocks!!
aquamala  +   527d ago
umm the main game concept is still there on other modes
mhunterjr  +   527d ago
I probably won't play it much, but I'm glad people have the option.
Ra3030  +   527d ago
No titans and no AI????? So its Call of Duty Advanced Warfare huh? Wow Respawn will stop at nothing to be Call of Duty. Those ex Call of Duty employees that were fired sure are bitter. Its so sad that this game has sold less than Call of Duty Advanced Warfare has in pre orders really more haha funny than sad and TitanFall was billed as the CoD killer lol. Its funny they went with 8v8 instead oh 6v6 or 9v9 of course we all know that would be just like CoD and they cant do that. Wow of all the things they could have done to add to the game going Call of Duty is just crazy. Maybe they think they can sell more games if they go full on CoD idk. I'm guessing Respawns next project TitanFall 2 will be called TitanFall 2 Special Ops with zoombies instead of TF Black Ops but just guessing.
LonDonE  +   527d ago
Without even playing advanced warfare judging on the last few cod games i can say that more then likely advanced warfare will no way be as balanced as Titanfall and will more then likely not have such great balanced maps! one if the great things about Titanfall is the balance! nothing feels over powered even the dreaded smart pistol and cloak.

I am assuming COD AW will again have maps which are just all over the place where you are constantly seen by the enemy with bull $hit spawns and rubbish flank routes! i miss the cod 4/mw2/wow maps!!
even black op1 and 2 were ok but MW3, ghosts are both complete trash when it comes to maps and balance.

I for one am happy that they have given us a pilot only mode which is what i wanted!
Some where we could have pilot on pilot war without titans and ai.
After all its just another optional mode, we still have the regular modes with titans, ai etc.
Game should run allot smoother too in this mode with zero tearing hopefully.
Either way for you to say they are trying to be cod is stupid! THEY CREATED COD FOR PETES SAKE!!!!

The thing i like with Titanfall is wall running and getting around the map takes skill to be good at it! in COD AW the boosting etc is just pushing a button.
Again balance as i said, in Titanfall the wall running and boosting around the vertical maps is awesome and takes skill to be good at! in AW i can just imagine all the little kids trying to do stupid trick shots for montages! Titanfall is just an awesome game, and with a few sequels or two the franchise should become one of the FPS industries heavy hitters especially when its on PS4 too.
The controls in Titanfall are just flawless.
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HacSawJimThugin  +   527d ago
"Wow Respawn will stop at nothing to be Call of Duty. Those ex Call of Duty employees that were fired sure are bitter."

Misinformed and ignorant.

You do realize that Respawn are the creators of your beloved COD right? Do some research before you make dumb comments like that.
LonDonE  +   526d ago
I know like that's exactly what i was thinking when he made that ignorant comment! LMAO
GamerX2  +   527d ago
So basically Pilot Skirmish = call of duty advanced warfare demo!!
Dewitt  +   527d ago
It is one game mode they are not changing the game, just giving more options. God I hate gaming media.
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strangeaeon  +   527d ago
You know, another day, another lame excuse to get ones twat in a knot over anything Xbox related.
thecastroregime  +   527d ago
One game mode does not change the essence of the game. The author barely even tried to make an effort in creating a discussion or analysis of the issue.

Not the kind of material any site with any hope of success should be putting out there.
strangeaeon  +   527d ago
How about 16 vs. 16 with pilots and titans?
objdadon  +   527d ago
I agree, the maps are too big for just pilots, they screwed that up from the jump! This may be ghosts all over again! Camp central!
ape007  +   526d ago
such an amazing game, repawn or old IW games have that intense in your face feel to it and magical gameplay/design
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annus  +   526d ago
Can't believe people are bitching about having options. If you don't want to play it, don't...

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