Nintendo Reveals Its Line-Up for the End of 2014 and New 3DS Software Update

Today, Nintendo reveals its upcoming line-up for the end of 2014 as well as a new update for the 3DS.

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ritsuka6661487d ago

Nintendo REALLY decided it’s time to go all out. They really are preparing the Wii U for the absolute shitstorm in this holyday!

MadeForGaming1487d ago

Yea, for the first time in a long time both Sony and Microsoft have something to learn

jonboi241487d ago

Wait what? What do Sony and MS have to learn? All 3 are looking to have an awesome holiday. They're all going to be successful.

MadeForGaming1487d ago

I agree that MS and Sony would release great games for the holiday, but in my opinion both had a better line-up if you look into previous years.
Maybe we can agree to disagree ?

MSBAUSTX1487d ago ShowReplies(3)
ritsuka6661487d ago

Guys. My brain really hurts right now. Nintendo announced too much great stuff for me to handle today.

Chrischi19881487d ago

Hey, did anyone notice, where is Fast Racing NEO in that list? I was so awaiting Shin'ens new racing game...

Ol_G1487d ago

I honestly didn't expect it this year they are taking too long with even a screenshot they are a small team so i just hope they take the time they need to deliver like they're used to

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LAWSON721487d ago

ProjectCars is a eshop game on Wii U? That is strange

Ol_G1487d ago

Ask bandai namco about that it was also their decision to delay the wii u version while that version was an actual kickstarter goal screwing all the people who payed for the wii u version to happen in the process

MilkMan1487d ago

I don't know, that list isn't speaking to me. Maybe I gotta wait until there is a wait. We don't get those anymore.
A vid maybe?

mydyingparadiselost1487d ago (Edited 1487d ago )

I didn't know Lone Survivor was coming to WiiU, that game is the sickest 2D survival horror game in existence :D

Dunban671487d ago

What on that list is so strong? Why wasn t Bayonetta, smash bros, and Hyruule Warriors on it?

Other than those 3 not on the list ther is the Lego game, maybe Watchdogs Skylanders and Disney

... For the holiday

Is ther anoth list?

weekev151487d ago

Yeah your just looking at the third party listtheres a list of first/second party titles including bayo, smash etc as well.

Dunban671487d ago

Ok thanks - i did see a release date for Bayo 2 but not a list of 1st party games

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