Kid attempts to steal wrestler's PSP; fails

Pspfanboy writes:

Those thieves who make their living stealing PSPs are either getting even less smart or more desperate. Either way, this latest story of attempted PSP, er, reallocation should give everyone a slight grin. Elijah Burke, or the Black Pope as he may be known in the world of wrestling (forgive us if we got that wrong -- our wrestling knowledge is on the same level as a turtle), wrote up his experience in a blog about a 14-year-old kid that tried to steal from him on a plane.

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TrevorPhillips3833d ago

now that is the most stupidest thing to do

pharmd3833d ago

hyping it much agent x???

MADGameR3832d ago

Aw man, if it was Brock Lesnar's PSP, poor kid would get F-5ed through a table! LOL

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TrevorPhillips3833d ago

seriously i would get an autograph from the wrestler not steal his psp lol

znu3833d ago

how was the kid suppose to know he was a wrestler

Black Pope?
never heard of him myself

besides reading the story

there was a higher chance that the psp fell from the arm wrest and went under somebodies seat

there's another possibility that a stranger saw it on the ground and didn't know who to give it to so gave it to a flight attendant.

Maybe the kid was scared sh*tless and gave the wrestler his psp, lol

i wonder exactly what the wrestler did to threaten him...

Silogon3833d ago

This story has more holes in it than a Quentin Tarantino film. What a joke.

1st - A wwe Wrestler is sitting by a kid on an airplane? So they don't fly these guys 1st class no more?

2nd - Say the kid was in first class, would be be with his parents?

3rd - Why would you be stupid enough to steal a psp that is laying next to its owner and you have the whole flight ahead of you?

4th - Wrestling sucks and the foundation upon its success is built on lies. not unlike this story.

Cartesian3D3833d ago

nice picture.. dude get your own?!!!! LMAO !!

that kid must had EYE issues ,He didnt see a guy with(Height/Width/thinkness) 2m x 1.5m x0.5m size?

agree with No.1

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The story is too old to be commented.