Project CARS supported wheels and controller list released

Neil writes "Project CARS has been built from the ground up with a number of control methods in mind. Whilst many will be happy with the standard controller, others will want to use their expensive wheels and pedals. Will your setup work fine with Project CARS?"

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Qwagy UK1447d ago

No Logitec support for PS4 pants.

SniperControl1447d ago (Edited 1447d ago )

i think it is something to do with a security chip not inside Logi wheeels, the PS4 looks for the security chip, if it aint there, it aint working.

MurerDk1447d ago

+ Logitech ended console support last year.

porkChop1447d ago

Not even the Driving Force GT which was the official PS3/GT5 wheel. That's ridiculous. I'm not buying a new wheel just to play Project Cars, so I won't be buying the game at all. Such a shame.

InTheLab1447d ago

Have the same wheel and I've decided I'll only buy games that support my wheel. Guess I'll be sticking with GT6 on the PS3....

Dasteru1447d ago

The Driving Force GT was only the "Official" wheel of GT5 until v2.0. It was changed to the Thrustmaster T500RS.

opoikl1447d ago

I just bought a brand new Thrustmaster T500RS. I'm so relieved that wheel is still getting proper support! 400 euro down the drain would mean no more racing games on console, and I really don't want to miss out on GT7.

KirbysDump1447d ago

When people say things have been built from the ground up, well, this annoys me. Don't you usually start from the ground?

Dasteru1447d ago

PC version supports the Fanatec Clubsport. Sweet.

nfl1447d ago

When i see fanatec csr elite. I thought.....yes. then see it was pc only. Lol. I was preying at least a ps4 through usb. Not so lucky.
Fantatec with elite pedal, shifters and stand was like £700 when i got it. Whats the best option? Get a thrustmaster with everything and take up more room. (Which is the reason i got rid of my old ps2 cheaper setup) so i could have a fantec for ps3 and xbox.
or buy a pc to keep fanatec.

Dasteru1447d ago

Buy a PC if you can afford it. Fanatec wheels are much better than Thrustmaster.