Customise your 3DS/2DS with themes

New feature coming in October will allow users to customise their 2DS and 3DS home menus.

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ZoidsRaven1487d ago (Edited 1487d ago )

Better late than never, please do this for Wii U.

EDIT: I'll be so hyped if you can do this with SD card pictures.

DryBoneKoopa851487d ago

Yes!!! Please bring themes to the Wii U as well!!!

Summons751487d ago

Yessss! Dynamic themes would be awesome for the WiiU

DryBoneKoopa851487d ago

If you think about it they kind of hinted to the Wii U dynamic themes with the Animal Crossing theme that came out last year for a bit. I hope they follow up with that for the Wii U.

MSBAUSTX1487d ago

I will definitely be utilizing this.

TekoIie1487d ago

Glad this feature isn't exclusive to the New 3DS models. I Wonder what theme's will be available when they launch.

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