Photos of the New Nintendo 3DS

Check out the first official photos of New Nintendo 3DS.

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qwerty6761450d ago

new 3ds?

whats the point, it looks pretty much the same.

darthv721450d ago (Edited 1450d ago )

Looks as if a few things were moved around. Still such a shame they didnt incorporate a 2nd slide pad below the face buttons. Granted there arent as many games that use it but if it had one...there is potential for more games to take advantage of it.

I cant see how i could ever play nano assault or resident evil without it now.

edit, now that i look at it further...i think i see a couple of new buttons. That looks like a mini slider/stick above the face buttons. Like what was used on laptops back in the day. interesting.

And because this is a 3ds it is likely it supports all 3ds games as well as those that will take advantage of the better specs. Typical nintendo at least one model prior while making something newer.

TheROsingleB1450d ago

That's what the "C-Stick" above the buttons is supposed to be for. It acts as a second analog stick and some games will REQUIRE it in order to play. The new Monster Hunter is one, if I'm not mistaken.

--Onilink--1450d ago

yeah, thats what the c stick is for. I doubt it will be amazing for something like a FPS (not that there are many), but for camera control in any other type it should be more than enough.

Also, i guess its easy to imagine just putting in an analog stick below the buttons due to the space, but that doesnt mean inside there is space, and it would be uncomfortable as hell to use

Thegamer411450d ago

They added a c-stick, most likely for the new smash bros. This will make a huge difference for that game but I dont think its worth buying a new model just for this addition if you already own a 3DS imo.

esemce1450d ago (Edited 1450d ago )

Anti piracy and to lower production costs probably. And why the 3ds never had two thumbsticks to begin with I'll never understand, they must have lost many potential customers because of this, thanks Iwata!

Lets hope the new cstick is an indication that their next handheld will have dual sticks, the more options the better.

3-4-51449d ago

* Better CPU, can now run all Wii games if they wanted to

* c-stick adds better option for camera & FPS games if dev's want.

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NattyGraham1450d ago

As a current 3DS owner, I'm not supporting this ridiculous business practice.

darthv721450d ago

You mean the practice of refining the product to save on the cost of production...?

Yeah that is pretty ridiculous. how dare Nintendo or for that matter Sony and MS and any other company that does this.

NattyGraham1450d ago

No, practice of hiding a certain game behind a new model of the existing hardware.

Not to mention the $0.30 I must pay if I want to browse adult content in it.

is a joke/

--Onilink--1450d ago

they are not HIDING anything, i think its pretty obvious that if they could release it in every 3DS model they would do it. But it can only be done with the improved CPU (which does help in other areas you know). Its better to release it this way, than not to release it at all.

As for the adult content.. if a 3DS is the only way you have to watch adult content, then yeah, im sorry that you have to pay $0.30. Damm you Nintendo, its so hard to find a device with internet connectivity these days, how dare you?! -_-

Ilovetheps41450d ago

I agree that this is just ridiculous. Basically my current 3DS will become obsolete in the near future. I can't buy the Xenoblade remake because of this. If you are going to make a system that has different specs, you can't say they are in the same family. This will be a PR nightmare.

Chard1450d ago

Imagine a store trying to advertise a used new 3DS

RosweeSon1450d ago

I bought a launch day 3DS, I replaced with a 3DS XL, will I replace again, most probably, looks amazing, am I being forced to at gun point? No get over yourselves if you've never seen a revised console in your life I'll give you a heads up

Master system 1, 2 and 3 google it
Mega drive/genesis 1 and 2
Ps2 slim
PS3 slim and even slimer and more
Even the original Wii got Rii-released, and even the original xbox 1 the xbox 360 and the xbox one will no doubt get a reduction but yeah what a bunch of bastards! Get a grip people buy it don't buy it, go with or without a 3DS it's your loss, great system from day 1 and just getting better and better, any improvements over the 3D are always welcomed but colour the face buttons on the XL and it's sold, that and the very slightly improved battery life, extra stick (looks more like a button) and various other revisions (extra shoulder buttons) looks pretty slick to me but then each to their own, if you already own a 3ds and you still enjoy it crack on I just had to begrudgingly sell on my aqua blue launch as it was just a bit small for my hands, but seriously it's not like this practice has never been done before, gameboy, GB light, GB color, I won't start on the GBA and it's various iterations.

Ilovetheps41449d ago (Edited 1449d ago )

Roswee, the difference is that the revisions you mentioned all worked with each others games. The "New 3DS", as they are calling it, will have exclusive games. The PS3 slim didn't have exclusive games. The 360 slim didn't have exclusive games. The Wii remodel didn't have exclusive games. That's the difference between what All of the GBA variations played the same games. I'm referring to and what you are talking about.

Pricey1449d ago (Edited 1449d ago )

RosweeSon, The issue is the performance increase which leaves owners of the other model, also named 3DS, out in the cold. This is not just cutting manufacturing costs its a new console.


Parent walks into shop and buys game for 3DS
Parent finds out after purchase that game requires the new new new 3DS.
Parent is pissed.

It needs a new name, put super or advanced on the front.

Scatpants1449d ago

Iphone does this every year and every year there are games that will only run on the newer models of iphone. I assume its the same for Android. I'm just happy they finally pulled their heads out of their asses and added a right thumbstick. I'll probably sell my 3DS XL and pick up one of these.

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SoulMikeY1450d ago

I assume it hurt you when cordless phones came out too? I used to think like a hipster too but then I realized, I should probably enjoy what I have and stopping bitching about things I don't have.

TXIDarkAvenger1450d ago

I'm kind of pissed that I sort of have to upgrade because of the better CPU in order to play exclusives like Xenoblade Chronicles. Its not a new handheld, just a new version of the 3DS so why the hell make an exclusive game? WTF Nintendo?

wonderfulmonkeyman1450d ago

They're making it because they know that people will want it.
Any game on wii that could be played with the pro controller is a candidate for becoming a portable game now, and the c-stick might even be able to act in place of the wiimotes pointer in some games, like Galaxy or Metroid Prime.

RosweeSon1450d ago

Yeah it's madness I've never seen a slim line version of a console or a slighty tweaked version of a similar system, oh hang on master system 1, 2 and 3! Yes the master system, then there was the mega drive 1 and 2, sony have done a slimline ps1/2 and 3 xbox have even done this so it's hardly a new practice, do we have to buy them, no not if your already happy with your current system, bit of a shame that there will be some games that won't work on the older 3DS systems but think this new ones looks pretty cool, will I rush out and buy it, quite probably I've loved my 3DS since day one and it's just got better and better but no ones forcing me to change the console, it's called choice, were lucky we have a choice could just be one console like it or lump it.

gangsta_red1450d ago

You mean like every piece of technology that has ever been invented in LIFE?

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CloudRap1450d ago

Looks the same just xbox buttons

FriedGoat1450d ago

Snes did it first, I think you mean it looks like snes buttons.

TheROsingleB1450d ago

You mean the Super Famicom. SNES had light and dark purple controller buttons. But yes, either way. :)

FriedGoat1450d ago (Edited 1450d ago )

No I mean the SNES!

Only the US Snes was weird and purple.

The EU snes had the japanese colours too.

danny8181450d ago

super crazy how they added more buttons. Im interested, lol

DrRobotnik1450d ago (Edited 1450d ago )

This is going to confuse so many people. It also uses microSD games now instead of the SD carts the regular 3DS uses. Who ever is behind these ideas at Nintendo needs to be fired. And if they continue to call this system 3DS or have 3DS in its name, it will totally confuse parents. This is just like if Nintendo released a SNES 2 and said "oh yeah, this one only uses DVDs instead of cartridges...enjoy."

--Onilink--1450d ago (Edited 1450d ago )

it doesnt use microSD instead of carts. The cart slot is right there. The microSD support is not even new, its always been there, its just in a different position and its for eshop titles

SoulMikeY1450d ago

Sort of like ps1, ps2, ps3,.... Oh wait. Lol


Spotie1450d ago

What's with these stupid responses?

This is STILL the 3DS. It's not a successor. Yet they've made it so the first model is essentially obsolete. Meaning you'll have to upgrade to play newer games, and I assume the same will happen for the 2DS.

I was already wondering how Nintendo manages to get people to buy new iterations of the same handheld over and over, but this is worse than that.

gangsta_red1450d ago

@ Spotie

stupid responses??

"I was already wondering how Nintendo manages to get people to buy new iterations of the same handheld over and over, but this is worse than that."


Maybe the same way other companies get you and billion others to buy the same cell phone, tablet, TV or any other piece of tech that tends to upgrade every year.

RosweeSon1450d ago

Well if you can't get your head around that and I'm sure your right there will be plenty they might wanna start with brain training first, some people hey, never heard of looking into something before blindly buying it because of a name on the box, madness.

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