The arrest of Jackie Chan's son leads to viral video game

Troubled Hong Kong actor Jaycee Chan, more famously known as the son of martial arts legend Jackie Chan, has starred in a new video game after being arrested on drug-related charges.

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user56695101242d ago

The new lead in sleeping dogs

hkgamer1242d ago

anyone know if he will be imprisoned or anything?

Soldierone1242d ago

I think he is just being fined, all they found was pot.

hkgamer1242d ago

i guess being jackie chans son or being rich helps.

i know its only pot, but i think china was cracking down on these activities and may have used him to set an example. i mean its pointless to try and arrest everyone for these crimes and then a celebrity gets let off so easily.

ScottyHoss1242d ago

Yeah one place that will most likely never legalize is China. Culture is culture though, not my place to judge.

badz1491242d ago

I though I've read somewhere that Jackie Chan has said that he'll pass down all his fortune to charity after he passed away.

pwnsause_returns1242d ago

"I think he is just being fined, all they found was pot."

Yea...I heard the penalty overthere for carrying pot is death.

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Acquiescence1242d ago

"I don't want any trouble!"

Gezmoyassine1242d ago

I had No idea Jackie had a son

Acquiescence1242d ago

and an illegitimate daughter too.

kingPoS1242d ago

Until now, It honestly never occurred to me that he might be a family man. I always imagined him as some kind of eternal bachelor.

Gateway 6706 2008

dcbronco1241d ago

I think he's married. But I believe it was always hidden after one or more young female fans got depressed and committed suicide over it being revealed he was dating someone.

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