First Review of SingStar Vol. 2 (7/10) by HardGame2

HardGame2 writes (This story has been translated by Google translator pages):


SingStar vol.2 continues to offer the same system we have been seeing since karaoke PS2, but thanks to SingStore, My SingStar Online and the new duet mode to get two voices singing is more fun than ever. A excelent product made to enjoy with company.

The best: The way "Duet for two voices". The use of SingStore and My SingStar Online. Very fun to play with company.

The worst: Would include more than 30 items. We miss competitions online or something like that."

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resistance1003835d ago

This is not the first review, since the game is already out, and many people have reviewed it already. OPMUK gave it a 9