The 12 Best MMORPGs of 2014 So Far

GamingSoFar: Here are 12 best massively multiplayer online role-playing games of 2014.

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mwellsie1483d ago

was this list generated by a robot? half of these aren't even mmorpg's....

GhostTurtle1483d ago

The other half hasn't even been released yet. Pretty lame list.

thorstein1482d ago

Everything this guy posts is plagiarized from other sites. It is just a cut and paste job. I already alerted Rolling Stone Magazine and IGN about him. Hopefully they get this crap site shut down.

Magicite1483d ago

lol, there are like 1-3 noteworthy.

JDW1483d ago

I really hate the lists from this site.

How can these be the best MMO's of 2014 so far if some of them aren't even released yet.

They are not all MMO games listed anyways.

OpieWinston1483d ago

Hearthstone is an MMO?
What world is this?

mrmonk1483d ago

Does anyone no when elder scrolls online is to be released on the ps4,,cheers

mochachino1483d ago (Edited 1483d ago )

One item of a 12 item list on each page....uh, I now hate his website.

Did the author genuinlely want to share his list or just generate clicks

ShowGun9011483d ago

you'd think advertisers would have wisened up to this tactic by now...


"yea, but don't all your articles require 12 clicks to view all of it? thats still only one visitor..."

when these sites artifically generate traffic this way, its to charge more for advertising space. but you'd think the advertisers would have realised its a scam by now, and offered them 12X less money per click...

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