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ritsuka6661087d ago (Edited 1087d ago )

Nintendo droped the bomb!!

Godam this new 3DS is final nail in the cofin of VIta. Holy shit.

Edit: Includes:

- better 3D
- second stick
- NFC built-in
- coloured buttons
- more buttons
-- better battery (up to 7h)

- suport for Amiboo

insomnium21087d ago (Edited 1087d ago )

Umm... I don't think Vita is even competing for the same customers so.....

secondly won't this make it hard for devs and everyone to make sure if the second stick is supported or not? All i see at first glance is confusion amongst the people and devs alike.

Same with more buttons. All the new games that support and take advantage of those will not be playable on older 3ds?

Not trying to start anything just caught off guard with this news and these are the first things that come to my mind. I don't really get why would they release this and not hold these features off for next gen.

bouzebbal1087d ago

where is the second stick? i cant see it!
i think this is the 3DS i have been waiting for!

mcstorm1087d ago

@insomnium2 the 2nd stick add on for the 3ds and 3ds xl has the extra 2 buttons on and are used in games like resident Evil. So if developers start to push the 2nd stick and buttons more people can get the add on.

styferion1087d ago

"Satoru Iwata also mentioned that several other titles are in development exclusively for the New Nintendo 3DS. These will not be playable on the old 3DS models."

that is just crazy, they're literally forcing us to buy some half-assed next-gen 3ds..
and I just bought a 3ds xl a few months ago, smh.

mikeslemonade1087d ago

Vita killed itself. New system please not new iteration; is what I want from Nintendo.

weekev151087d ago

I wonder if we can expect something similar for WiiU. This just feels like the N64 expansion pack all over again.

RAFFwaff1087d ago

It has more powerful cpu (thats how it can run Xenoblade.)

NewMonday1087d ago

handheld market is shrinking, basically just for Japanese games, 3DS and Vita are fighting over a corps.

Vita can survive because it is an extension to PS4 and doesn't sell at a loss. Nintendo are also planing on making their next gen platforms united, 3DS is the last dedicated closed platform.

SilentNegotiator1087d ago (Edited 1087d ago )


I buy a 3DS this year assuming that in 3 years...THREE FLIPPING YEARS IN...if they weren't going to release a 3DS with a second stick built in, they never were. And what do they do, when it's probably halfway or more through it's life cycle? Release one with a second control stick.

Oh well. It's not like a lot of games support it. And with most of the 3DS owners not having it, I'm sure that won't change much.

They could have had it since the beginning, but we have to wait ANOTHER generation for two control nubs to be standard in handhelds.

darthv721087d ago

This is great news. I would imagine in keeping with tradition that this unit supports all previous 3ds games as well as its own enhanced games.

After playing games like resident evil and nano assault..I cant play them any other way than with a 2nd analog control.

New games will likely take advantage of these extra buttons. it may be an inconvenience for those who just got a 3ds but it has been on the market for a few years and we were due for a newer model at some point.

those who still had not picked up a 3ds can either get one of the outgoing models for cheap and play the wealth of 3ds & ds games for it. OR...wait and pick up this one to play new games as well as previous 3ds games.

SilentNegotiator1087d ago

Oh and I have an XL, too, so I have to import the circle pad pro if I want it.

gangsta_red1087d ago

Wait, the Vita isn't competing for the same customers? When did this happen?

So what is the Vita competing for? Enough with the excuses for the system, of course the Vita is competing for the same customers. You don't make a dedicated video game handheld and say we are not competing for the same customers.

Now there is confusion because a second stick is added. Is this NOT what everyone complained the 3DS lacked and what they really wanted? Now there's going to be confusion?

And where are these new buttons? I didn't see anywhere that there were any extra buttons, just an extra analog stick.

BullyMangler1087d ago

umm . the vita gave my friend Carpultunnel syndrome in his hands .

insomnium21087d ago


Nintendo's target audience are kids. Sony's isn't hence they don't compete for the same gamers. There is some overlap (as there always is) but still.

"Now there is confusion because a second stick is added. Is this NOT what everyone complained the 3DS lacked and what they really wanted? Now there's going to be confusion? "

This is just silly. You think the people who complain on gaming sites are the kind of people that buy these things? For Vita that might be the case but 3ds is for kids and there are no kids on gaming sites arguing about gaming.

Point is if you see complaining here that means jack sh*t about what the real world thinks about the 3ds. And yes if the multiple iterations of 3ds and then the 2ds wasn't enough to confuse people this will blend in quite nicely......on a gaming forum that is LOL. Things are not so clear for the average 11yo kid as they are to you.

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spence524901087d ago

Oh stop. Why even bring this fanboyism in here?

ScottyHoss1087d ago

I didn't even know Nintendo had fanboys lol

TekoIie1087d ago

"Godam this new 3DS is final nail in the cofin of VIta. Holy s**t."

Overreaction much? The 3DS and Vita shall both live on till the end of this generation. I think you're being foolish if you believe otherwise.

RosweeSon1087d ago

Well I've got both and only got Vita Recently, great system the Vita but it's struggled against the 3DS so far can't see this'll help the cause at all.

hot4play1087d ago

Just goes to show how advanced the Vita hardware is compared to the 3DS. We already had a 2nd, larger analog stick and faster CPU and RAM 3 years ago (the Vita). I still believe the PSVita was launched ahead of its time.

Although honestly, even if I already have a Vita, I'm thinking of getting this 'New' 3DS just so I can play Bravely Default, Xenoblade and Yoshi's Island.

Kinda sucks though for existing 3DS owners. I can't imagine if Sony released a Vita 2 with its own exclusive games. This New 3DS is essentially a brand new handheld line. I think Nintendo just wants to the benefits of the '3DS' branding, avoid risks of a new brand, and force its fanbase to adopt the new system early on. Should have been called the 'Super 3DS' or something else...

hot4play1087d ago

"Overreaction much? The 3DS and Vita shall both live on till the end of this generation. I think you're being foolish if you believe otherwise."
--True. The Vita (with its massive power advantage over the 3DS) can theoretically last this whole gen. Sony can just do a relaunch/rebrand/remodel with new games and more affordable memory cards. Technically, the Vita hardware is just gonna get cheaper over time.

Imagine if Sony released a "New Vita" with L2,R2, clickable thumb sticks, microSD card slot, and FF Type-0 remake as an exclusive launch title, lol. That would definitely bring in new buyers but it would alienate existing Vita owners like me (or force me to upgrade)

This is "The iPhone effect" spilling over to gaming handhelds.

OfficerDewey1087d ago

Yes Vita isn't selling too good but there's room for both these handhelds. I for one , like the Vita and play more of the Vita..

I got the 3DSxl with the Mario Kart 7 bundle and Vita with COD bundle. I do play Vita more because it has more games.

Vita has alot of indies but it's better than shovelware.

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Eonjay1087d ago

Um, the 2ds just came out a year ago. Its like 5he iphone now. The new version is supposed to be more powerful...

CBaoth1087d ago

No it shouldn't. This is a handheld not a smartphone. You'd think a company who tried this very same concept years ago on consoles (Ram PAK) and failed miserably would understand fragmenting your install base is a terrible idea.

The problem is fantards were too busy gloating over the Vita's deathknell that they didn't realize the 3DS was on pace to sell 80 million units less than its predecessor. I knew once Nintendo, on the heels of releasing the likes of Pokemon and MH, slashed sales forecasts of 5 million 3DSs, the HH industry itself is eroding at an alarming rate. I'm sorry but I completely disagree with Nntendo's solution to reinvigorating the market. They ran out of colors, made the screen as large as it could go, and childproofed it but it isn't enough? Let's make our loyal fanbase foot the bill again. Gotta buy'em all right?

thehobbyist1087d ago


Releasing later models for consoles to be more powerful is nothing new.

The PSP got more RAM with each model. The new 360's have more RAM than the launch model 360's.

CBaoth1087d ago (Edited 1087d ago )


Yet every iteration did exactly the same thing, play the games. My PSP2000 sure as hell wasn't better than later models but I still could play the newest games all the same.

If Nintend announces this new model as a way of shortening the traditional lifespan of hanhelds in order to compete with the smartphone industry, I have no problem with it. But that's not what they're doing now is it?

Revengeance1087d ago (Edited 1087d ago )

Just like how the DS was the final nail in the coffin for PSP?

Oh wait it went on to sell 70 million.

OT: I'll take this over the 2DS any day. This actually looks to be the best 3DS yet.

ritsuka6661087d ago

You think Vita will sell 70 Millions? lol are you kiding me?

TekoIie1087d ago (Edited 1087d ago )


It doesn't have to sell 70 million. It just needs to turn a profit for Sony. If it manages to do so it's a successful product.

one2thr1087d ago (Edited 1087d ago )

Ahh you guys(Vita naysayers) fail to realize that the PlayStation Tv is, in essence the PS Vita and apparently that little gadget is doing well :)

Good gaming folks

GusHasGas1087d ago

Agreed those colored buttons were a real kick up Sony's arse


Deividas1087d ago (Edited 1087d ago )

Right? All its missing is the sparkles on the buttons and you have yourself a winner.

Honestly who really cares about most of this stuff?

A better camera? Who the hell doesnt take pics with their phone? "Oh wanna see a cool photo i took, hold on let me turn on my 3ds" Its like asking someone on the street for the time, chances are...they are checking their phone not a wristwatch.

Better internet browsing? I have a 3ds and honestly...didnt even turn that on once.

Colored buttons? That was an issue????

Second Stick? You mean that tiny little thing that looks annoying as hell to use?

Better Battery? Okay thats not a bad feature but come on...the battery isnt even that bad, especially if you turn off 3D

Magicite1087d ago

why drag Vita in this?
Technically 3DS is inferior to Vita anyway.

thehobbyist1087d ago

Technically the PS2 was inferior to Gamecube and Original Xbox. We all see how that turned out.