Metal Gear Solid 4 vs The Movies, Spore, and More

Pcworld writes:

It's time to go see summer blockbusters on the big screen--or to play them on your PS3.

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TheWickedOne3836d ago

I love this quote "Just think of it as the best movie you ever played". So true.

Pornlord3836d ago

It is the best movie I've ever played. I can't think of one better. It doesn't bore you either, it's movie then BAM you're killing people or sneaking around and then without hesitation another clip, it's amazing.

resistance1003835d ago

Cinamatic games are the future.

My favourite games this gen so far (MGS4 & Uncharted), both pull this off superbly.

Saying that im a massive movie fan as well so i guess he blends my love of Films and games into one.