Shulk officially confirmed for the new Smash Bros.

Nintendo has officially announced the next character for the newest Smash Bros. – Shulk.

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zerocrossing1363d ago

Awesome! Glad to see the leak turned out to be true. Shulk will probably be my new main now besides Samus :)

TekoIie1363d ago (Edited 1363d ago )

This is actually a good direct despite me barely understanding anything being said. Btw I think a new 3DS is being announced as I type this O.o

EDIT: Yeh there's a new 3DS model with additional control buttons and a weird looking C Stick. Looks pretty cool

On Topic: Only got to see half of the Shulk trailer but it looked insane! Can't wait for release :)

MNGamer-N1363d ago

This is wonderful news. Now I get to play him until X releases!

hazelamy1363d ago

but i would have expected him to team up with Ryn rather than Dunban