WWE 2K15 & Bioshock Infinite Complete Edition Spotted On Korean GRB, Coming To The PC

Great news for all those waiting for a PC version of 2K Games’ WWE series, as the Korean Gaming Rating Boards has listed WWE 2K15 – alongside a new edition for Bioshock Infinite – for the PC.

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outsider16241202d ago (Edited 1202d ago )

Wwe 2k15 to pc?

Gamer4life8881202d ago


Sarobi1202d ago

Imagine the modding possibilities.. You'd see crazy some crazy good remodeled CAWs/In game superstars

sorane1201d ago

That didn't stop anyone from modding the NBA games from the same developer. A lot of games don't "allow" mods, but still get modded to hell and back.

curtis921201d ago

if it releases on pc, there'd be nothing they could do about it. But I agree, I doubt wwe wants people to even have the option. I doubt it'll see the light of day on pc.

DeadlyFire1201d ago (Edited 1201d ago )

Doesn't allow mods = we won't help you mod this game.

Doesn't mean it won't be possible. On PC everything is moddable to an extent.

traumadisaster1202d ago

Will be first wwe I've EVER bought

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