What if Nintendo bought Capcom?

After Capcom announced in June that it is now open to acquisition offers, Continue Play's Chad Bonin provides a speculative look at a possible future where Nintendo stepped to snap up the Street Fighter and Resident Evil publisher.

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ZoidsRaven1360d ago

We'd finally get a MegaMan game.
It would also be a good chance to get Devil May Cry in PG's hands.

Kane221359d ago

dmc is fine the way it is. platinum would change it too much. gameplay wise

Summons751359d ago

"Platinum would change it to much"

Except the creator of DMC works there and created Bayonetta which is the closest thing we have to a real DMC after NT killed it single handedly. PG would be perfect for DMC

ZoidsRaven1359d ago

How? You know who Kamiya is, right?

OpieWinston1359d ago

I doubt Platinum would want to work on that, at least for a little while.
Kamiya has his hands full with Scalebound atm.

Roccetarius1359d ago (Edited 1359d ago )

Then the DMC game would just be exclusive, so i'd rather see it landing somewhere else. Stay 3rd party, then we could see what would happen.

No thanks. :)

Tony-Red-Grave1359d ago

The biggest issue with nintendo buying out capcom, if they could, would be that every IP would now be nintendo exclusive, Aside from that there's no guarantee that each games developers would even stay onboard.

That being said people who want Kamia to work on a DMC game need to realise Kamia hasn't made a DMC1 esque game, in gameplay or atmosphere, since splitting with capcom. I'd go as far as to say he could ruin Dantes character given how anime-esque bayonetta.

But that aside Kamiya has moved on for the better and as a result has his own companies and makes his own games. I don't see why he'd want to return to DMC other then making money off fanboys.

ZoidsRaven1359d ago

I can see why it would suck for some, but when it comes to being a fan of a franchise, most would just support the IP regardless of platform.

If Sony gets their hands on MegaMan, I'd be buying a PS4 and Vita. It's just that simple to me.
I can see where you are coming from, but me wanting DMC in PG's hands is as simple as that. DMC being a Nintendo, Sony, XBox or PC exclusive is not my point, DMC made by PG is. 7_7

Roccetarius1359d ago (Edited 1359d ago )

After giving it some thought, i believe you've lost your mind. Multiplatform titles going exclusive, that's the worst case scenario for any fanbase. Only the company owning it benefits from it. Supporting a game regardless of platform, that's BS that businesses loves to hear.

Platinum Games may be great, but it's not the right fit for it at all. Itsuno is still with Capcom, and he's the only one capable of creating a great DMC game currently.

Scalebound following the example of the ugly dino character model, that's a new low for Platinum as well. I was expecting them to do better than that.

ZoidsRaven1359d ago (Edited 1359d ago )

Sorry, but I'm not getting involved in fanboy BS. I support the games, not the platform.
All I said was "DMC being a Nintendo, Sony, XBox or PC exclusive is not my point, DMC made by PG is".
That doesn't mean I want it to be exclusive, PG is a 3rd party after all... Multiplatform or not, a PG DMC would be interesting to see.

It's a shame so many saw my post as "ZOMG NINTENDO FANBOY WANTS DMC TA BEH WII U EXCLUSIVE", when all I wanted was a company (not Capcom) to make a MegaMan game and see PG make a Devil May Cry game. I suppose that's my fault for lack of information on the context of my post (didn't think I needed to go into details).

If Platinum Games is (in your own words) "great", it's completely reasonable for someone to want to see them make a game from a franchise that is good. It's like when people want to see Retro make a [insert Nintendo IP here] game.

"Scalebound following the example of the ugly dino character model, that's a new low for Platinum as well."

......Tell us feel you really feel. XD
In all seriousness, PG has many art styles to choose from that are not like Scalebound. Why are you bringing that up?

Before I run out of bubbles, seriously tell me where you are going with this. 7_7

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Crazay1359d ago

That would be highly unfortunate

Kane221359d ago

capcom needs to remain 3rd party.

Chrischi19881359d ago

And what if not? What if Nintendo would buy them and get all their games exclusive? I know, you guys still would not get a Wii U, just because its a Wii U and not because the games wpuld be great or not.

Kane221358d ago

cause i don't want to see games being held down down by wii u's limitations. plus i know nintendo will try and turn certain games into a new direction.

EdoubleD1359d ago

That would be really annoying.

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The story is too old to be commented.