VR Coaster Synchronises Real Roller Coasters for Immersive VR Experiences

VRFocus - Those who have been reading VRFocus over the past few months will have seen a range of virtual reality (VR) roller coasters come and go through the likes of the Oculus VR Share platform and more. The brief demos have proved to be effective ways of demonstrating the potential of VR to the uninitiated. This week sees the reveal of a new VR roller coaster project unlike anything players will have ever experienced before, named VR Coaster.

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modesign1365d ago

so you take this on a roller coaster and you can see something different. haha umm why.

Anonagrog1365d ago (Edited 1365d ago )

The point is that you'll still feel the real inertia and forces that come with being on a roller-coaster.

The movement through the VR environment is synced with what the roller-coaster is doing, so not only can you look around with your head, you can also feel yourself moving through the VR scene - it's all for immersion.

S2Killinit1365d ago

its a demonstration of how immersive these VR headsets are. think about it, you sit on your couch and have the sensation of being on a roller coaster because your senses are lying to you. its the ultimate immersion. its going to take over the world soon.

hazelamy1365d ago

at first i thought why would you need the headset to see what it's like on a coaster, if you're wearing it while on a coaster, but actually, this looks really interesting.

in theory it could put you in almost any environment, in space, underwater, shrunken down and injected into a human body.

just match the movement in the virtual environment to the motion of the real coaster, and it could be the most immersive VR ever, at least until they create matrix style jacking in tech.