Managing a Crowd-funded Budget

Today’s feature examines the costs that come into play when developing a game using a crowd-funded income.

A common reason for kickstarted projects failing after having a successful campaign has been running out of money. Many first time developers are turning to crowd-funding for their projects without understanding what really goes into making a game.

Today’s post examines the incidentals and considerations that must be factored into your crowd-funding goals and can make a difference between success and failure.

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SilentNegotiator1390d ago

1) Create concept art.
2) Create cool premise explanation.
3) Get money from people for your idea, regardless of experience.
4) Spend it all of stuff that doesn't fit in the budget.
5) Tell people that you ran out of money...sorry!
6) Create New Kickstarter/indiegogo/etc (either a "second round" or completely unrelated).
7) Repeat.

That's how people SEEM to do it, anyway.