5 impressive but lesser known Xbox One features

MWEB GameZone writes: "The Xbox One has a lot more going for it than just games. Here are five lesser known, but extremely usefull features."

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HanCilliers1206d ago

Really excited for the SA launch

HoldenZA1206d ago

Me too, cant wait for it to land in South Africa. Think we can expect some great things from the XB1.

Sillicur1206d ago

Do you think it can compete with the PS4 having such a big headstart in South Africa?

donthate1206d ago


Does it matter? You now have the choice of either one or both!

As Sony used to say "this is a marathon and not a sprint".

DeathOfTheFanBoy1206d ago

@Sillicur, what does it matter if it competes with PS4 or not?
Those guys want it, nuff said.

mixolydian_id1206d ago

A few of those I wasn't aware of at all.

Keep those new features coming MS!
We want functionality... (obviously applied in a meaningful and straight forward way)

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slappy5081206d ago

Same here I've already preordered it, can't wait for sunset overdrive and master chief collection

mixolydian_id1206d ago

Don't forget Destiny and Advanced warfare... and titanfall... and quantum break... and FH2.... and Ryse... and Deadrising :)

qwerty6761206d ago

what games u excited about?

DesVader1206d ago

Some cool tips in there I didn't know about.

Sillicur1206d ago

Great read thank you, did not know about most of these

Kayant1206d ago

"What do you think of the list? " - Quite poor given that three of these "lesser known" features of XB1 where just recently released. With one only yesterday. Amazing how they can be "lesser known" when they are the stand-out features so a recent update.

Both Kinect as a universal remote and spilt screen detection were actually advertised during the launch of XB1. Really this is more like one lesser known feature (kinect split screen detection).

Septic1206d ago

Lesser known or not, I think most of us can agree that those features are impressive nonetheless.

Kayant1206d ago

Am not disagreeing with that hence why I only talked about them being lesser known which I don't agree with as explained above.

brads41206d ago

Lesser known does not mean they never mentioned it.. just that it is a less known/talked about feature. I would argue that is true, as I had no idea about the seat switch feature, and I read a lot about this stuff.

700p1206d ago

Thats the whole point. Most people dont know about them yet.

incendy351206d ago

DLNA isn't even possible with the media player app. Not yet anyhow "USB only currently". So instead of a lesser known feature it is nonexistent. You can use playto on Windows devices for DLNA though which is an actual lesser known feature.

Alsybub1206d ago (Edited 1206d ago )

Playto or not it's still DLNA. I play all the media on my NAS using an app on my phone to initiate playback on my Xbox. Works perfectly. It's actually more convenient than browsing the server on the Xbox would be and it plays most formats.

incendy351206d ago

I didn't say it wasn't, I also use it often. Just was pointing out the article had false info

mixolydian_id1206d ago

I wonder if they can implement a "Download album artwork" feature.

Similar to windows media player... or itunes.

Would make for a much prettier interface dont you think?

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