Bungie promises Destiny public events will offer variety

Bungie’s community manager, Deej; David Dague, has told ArabicGamers that players can expect a lot more from public events when the game is released.

In an interview at GamesCom, Deej expanded on the types of missions we could expect to see.

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ScorpiusX1424d ago

Don't make a Gamer a promise you can't keep. Lol

Phene1424d ago

To me this game is very basic. Go-here-shoot this. Fun, but basic.

BluFish1424d ago

You can boil pretty much every FPS ever made down to that statement. In reality they are incredibly diverse, and Destiny seems to be no exception.

isa_scout1424d ago

I just hope there is more of them. I had at least 30 hours in the beta and only saw maybe 4 or 5 public events. Sometimes they showed up so far away that I didn't make it to them in time. When I did make it to them though they were awesome. Cant wait to pick up my Ghost Edition at the midnight launch.

JeffGUNZ1424d ago

Well, it was a beta so I don't think that was their concern. Every interview I read they keep stating everyday will be something different to do. Lets hope that holds true.

FamilyGuy1424d ago

Use your hover bike next time, no event is too far to get to in time if you're on the bike.

OUROSMAG1424d ago

This week went by slower than molasses. It's gonna be a hell of a wait for the 9th to arrive.

danowat1424d ago

The only public event I saw in the Beta was the "destroy the tank" one.

cr33ping_death1424d ago

There was one where you had to kill 3( I think) tough baddies as they run from you while attacking and you had to beat them before they reached a certain point. After that they disappeared. I stumbled into that one lol. I really can't wait to try the others in the full game

--Onilink--1424d ago (Edited 1424d ago )

i found 4 different types.

One where a really though enemy appears and you have to kill him before he gets away, never managed to beat it in time (even with 2 people)

The tank event

The defend a sort of satellite thing and waves keep coming at you

The destroy 3 groups of enemies within a certain time for each group (they showed up separately and you had to track the incoming ship)

Lofabred1424d ago

I'm not sure it was technically an event even, but one of my favorite things in the beta, was in the area where the Hive and Fallen were fighting. I was just farming in that area when all the sudden they broke into an epic battle with tons of bosses on both sides duking it out. I'm not sure how I survived, but it was intense being in the middle of it.

Dynasty20211424d ago

Just like at E3 2013 when you said "all this is playable space."

That was a right doozy wasn't it.

Rooted_Dust1424d ago

I was always a bit skeptical about that comment. I don't think that guy works at Bungie anymore. Still doesn't detract from my love of this game.

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