Something Wicked This Way Comes - Saints Row V Teased?

Deep Silver have just released a pouzzling image of a ouija board. Is Saints Row V about to be revealed?

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ThatOneRiggaNob1333d ago

I haven't liked a Saints Row game since Saints Row 2. Maybe this one will pull me back into the Saints Row universe! Hopefully It gets revealed soon and is a good game.

come_bom1333d ago (Edited 1333d ago )

I would prefer if Volition (Saints Row developer) presented a new IP.

ScorpiusX1333d ago

They other ip , just like every other developer, they are not going to just forget about one that is guarantee to make money.

BiggCMan1333d ago

I highly disagree. Saints Row has its own identity now. Before 3, it was just a street thug game that was trying to become the next GTA.

But with 3 and especially 4 with the INSANELY AWESOME super powers. It's become its own game, and I want more of this craziness from them.

The hell with trying to be like everyone else. Look how average Watch Dogs turned out to be.

scark921333d ago

I agree, the game needs to more innovating to pull me in.

theshredded1333d ago

My favorite open world franchise of this gen

Gamer19821333d ago

I love saints row. Although 4 wasn't as great as previous games I hope they go big with this one and get rid of the silly super powers. I loved the over the top sillyness about it. It was just fun rather than serious.

ScorpiusX1333d ago

That was their point to not be or take it's self serious on other words be fun and distance them selves from all seriousness of GTA.

wheresmymonkey1333d ago

They'll probably ditch the super powers but the silliness is here to stay.

extravalue1333d ago

looks like they will be including ghosts and other super natural beings in this one

the alien invasion thing was a bit too much for my liking
now ghosts....

and watch how they will mock COD ghosts in their trailers

CyrusLemont1333d ago

I just smashed Saints Row 4 last weekend. Bring it!!!

--bienio--1333d ago

Never play any part:/ prolobly I miss a lot...

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The story is too old to be commented.