Final Fantasy Type-0 HD is 80% complete

The HD remastered version of Final Fantasy Type-0 is 80% complete, IGN confirmed today in an pre-PAX interview with Director Hajime Tabata.

According to their report, Type-0 HD will be a full retail product, although it remains unclear on when fans will be able to play it.

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Godmars2901417d ago

Naw. They're only doing a port of something they managed to finish.

bouzebbal1417d ago

i dont think there is any truth in these words because 80% complete and we still haven't seen anything?

Gamer19821417d ago

As usual S-E has there prioritys all wrong.. Putting all there devs on games like this rather than main FF games. Then they wonder why people don't buy there main titles when they take silly amounts of time to release. FF15 has been in production now for well over 8 years (if you include versus) as it was announced in 2006!.

Kurisu1417d ago

Please let there be a release date at TGS!

NikX1417d ago (Edited 1417d ago )

Then they should have this out next year and announce the release date at TGS 2014

Inception1417d ago

80% complete but they still have 20% probability to delay it for 2020 and change the title into FF XVI :p

bouzebbal1417d ago

yeah something like that i will say.. also as i said above 8+% and they still haven't shown anything? they are lying!

Inception1417d ago

That's why i'm laughing when i read this news. It's the usual square-enix and their BS marketing.

Chard1417d ago

Please be 80% excited

Dewitt1417d ago

Thanks now I have to clear up my workstation, lol.

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The story is too old to be commented.