Quinnspiracy? More like Quinntroversy

Well, APV certainly wasn't expecting anything like this to happen. If you're reading this you probably know what APV talking about. However, before explaining, this isn't necessarily the type of editorial APV likes to write. Normally like to write about games, and the only other time APV really wrote about a gaming controversy was concerning the Assassins Creed: Unity gender related issue. But nevertheless, APV feels like this is important that whatever readers APV has out there (if any) understand the seriousness of this particular issue.

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WilliamUsher1449d ago

Thank you.

I'm not really into the soap opera aspect of this controversy but anyone at least addressing poor ethics from games media on display deserves to have the story buffered.

I fear that major media will try to derail the topic back into one of misogyny following the threats on Sarkeesian, which would be a real shame given that the larger sites would likely fall right back into their old ways.

inf3cted11449d ago

Why are you making news off of something that has already been discussed plenty of times?

JD_Shadow1449d ago (Edited 1449d ago )

It has to do with the integrity of the gaming journalistic media as well as the recent feminist movement. Zoe was willing to use her status as a female to entice the males in the gaming media world to write positive pieces for her and her game, and at least exaggerate (maybe even totally fabricate) the harassment she got.

Then, when anyone even remotely called her out for ANYTHING in this whole controversy, her circle (which included Phil Fish, AKA the stain on the underwear of gaming life) decided to play the sexism card about it. But it was impossible to not at least bring gender into the issue because of what the allegations read that she did (exchanging sex for positive coverage while she was cheating on her now ex-boyfriend; how can you NOT consider gender by principal in that sense).

When even TotalBiscuit, who said he wanted to stay out of these issues because of the kneejerk reactions that happen time and time4 again in addition to those that seek to demoralize these serious issues with their red herrings, gets blasted for just talking about the pure journalistic side of it (not even taking a side of if the allegations were true or not), there's clearly a problem that never gets addressed.

Until those in the media stop kneejerking everything about this argument and start holding Zoe and Anita accountable for the red herrings and non sequiturs that they say and do, the gaming feminism movement is going to go down in flames because people will think that those are the only feminists that ever care about what they talk about, and they will stop caring about said issues because they just see the crazy about it and not see the real issues that they try to bring up that should be brought up by someone that will depend on actual facts for their argument instead of trying to flame bait the crazies.

Yeah, we need to keep this in the news until something is seriously done about it.

temple1449d ago (Edited 1449d ago )

I'm glad they're at least discussing the issue. Major sites like IGN, GameInformer, etc are content to sit back and say nothing, seemingly in a bid to hope this goes away. Unfortunately, as with most news stories, it happens to be working. Stop covering something, and people seem to forget about it. For reference, how often does one hear about the missing Malaysian airliner, or the jet shot down over Ukraine? After a few weeks, nothing.

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