9.5 Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Review

With the Final Fantasy games progressing through the years, and more additions to the series being made, most fans seemed to really pick one specific entry, as the best and most representative of the series. And this, of course, is none other than the VII saga. Some say it was the revolutionary first game of the series, some others say the story of the VIII is simply the best… some are even absorbed by the world and themes of VII. However, it is unarguably the most well received Final Fantasy game to date.

The following link reveals a full review of Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII which includes the questions such as whether Crisis Core is a Pre-rendered cut-scene masterclass or just another desperate playstation portable attempt...

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Dark_Vendetta3836d ago

What a suprise from this site. But it's still a great game (according to the meta score) which I'll get in about 5 days (European release date)

deanobi3836d ago

haha ok

But i agree with that the only real Cons are the Battle and leveling system plus Side-missions

Counter_ACT3836d ago

Of course you agree, you wrote the review...

znu3835d ago

i liked everything about it

the combat system reminded me of KH
the level up system beyond what you may think is actually ingenious

it rewards you for fighting alot

The game has amazing graphics for psp, deep storyline, and is lengthy too!

deanobi3836d ago

im from the site - i didnt write it