Is the PS3 Finally the World's Best Console?

Sony launched the PlayStation 3 (PS3) a year and a half ago, but Nintendo and Microsoft, with the Nintendo Wii and Xbox 360 respectively, appear to have the bragging rights in the console market.

However PC Advisor don't think the PS3 is dead just yet. Here's five reasons why they think you should take another look at the PS3 if you're a home gaming console fan.

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jkhan3833d ago

I won't say its THE best console out there. Because Xbox360 is still alive and kicking. No matter how bleak 2008/2009 looks for 360 it still has some great exclusive games like Gears of War 2, Fable 2, MassEffect2(unless its announced for PS3), Infinite Undiscovery etc.
We won't have clear winner like PS2 this time around. I think Sony should have learned from last time that being the more powerful console doesn't ensure victory. Xbox is a simple example. Although I still believe PS3 will out last both 360 and Wii.

NO_PUDding3833d ago

I was gonna say, you can't say there won't be a clear winner yet.

And by the way, MGS4 has made the console worth it.

I woudlo still prefer a Team ICO game, but there is so many clever thigns in MGS4, which I loved.

So many variances in gameplay.

pharmd3833d ago

its all about preference.....

best for me? yes

others? some, yeah... some no.... who cares!

MikeGdaGod3833d ago (Edited 3833d ago )

since i've owned both i say yes, ps3 is the best console.

the only games i really enjoyed on the 360 were Gears and Dead Rising, everything was just okay. only feature i feel the ps3 is missing compared to the 360 is cross-game talk. but when you think about all the features the ps3 includes (bluray, built-in WiFi, controllers that don't require battery packs, free online, HDMI 1.3 output in EVERY sytem, replaceable HDD, memory card slots, Remote Play......) they more than make-up for that one flaw. not to mention it's 1000x's more reliable. and the games coming the rest of this year and next year won't be matched by any other console.

and now that MGS4 is out and it actually lives up to everyone's extremely high expectations, i am completely satisfied. it's the first next-gen game that truly deserved all the attention it got.

best $600+ i've ever spent

EDIT: back to MGS4, i just got to Act 4 and my mouth hit the floor. all i could say is "get the F*CK outta here" over and over. my girl thought i was losing it. this game is amazing. it's truly made for MGS fans.

zapass3833d ago

Ps3 is the best, it's not even close, it has never been.
at this pt, it's beyond obvious, there's no more excuses.

- it's already got the best games and we're just barely started
- it's got bluray and it makes a huge difference for both games and movies
- it's got wifi and PSP interaction is a lot of fun
- it's got reliability, you remember what that is?
- it's got free online w/o the obnoxious kids and ads
- it's not even more expensive if you can run an addition!

the wii fad is winding down and the long 360 con is over.
time to wake up and cut the bull.

The Power of Red3833d ago

In my opinion the PS3 is the best console in this generation- no other console in the world is both a powerful home entertainment solution and an innovative gaming machine.

darando3833d ago

zapass, the wii fad isnt die'ing down TBH, i think it will start near the end of the summer but just a little bit,

and the 360 does have a couple of games which will extend its live.

the ps3 is getting what it deserves and i think it well start selling good, enough to get past the 360 but not enough to catch the wii(or catch it anytime soon

what the ps3 needs another price drop or two then it will sell like hot cakes :)-even though i no the price is worth it, i still wont buy it for that much.

im just waiting to see which console timesplitters 4 is coming out for then ill see if i need to make a quick trip down to my nearest GAME

BattleAxe3833d ago

Lets give some props to Bloodmask for a very good article.

plenty a tool3832d ago

but games make a console. and for me, the 360 has the most games that appeal to me. coupled with xbox-live, which is where all my friends, i cant see me buying a ps3 for quite awhile.

after mgs2 and mgs3, mgs4 doesn't make the ps3 an automatic buy imo. i know some people will disagree, but like this thread. it's subjective, and just an opinion.

on a side note, it's interesting to see just how many people on here are sony fans...and explains all the negative 360 stuff that is frequently at the top of the page.

solidt123832d ago

This article isn't asking is the PS3 the winner of the console war. It is simply asking is it the best console and I say yes for obvious reasons. All of us PS3 owner new this when we bought our system, it just takes a while for everyone else to realize like when killer games and features become available.

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Kas3833d ago

To me, its always been the best console. I cant remember the last time i touched my 360. Its sitting there collecting dust. This is the year of the PS3!

DwightOwen3833d ago

I haven't played mine in ages. If anybody doesn't believe me, research my gamertag (located on my profile page).

Condoleezza Rice3833d ago

(As I dust it quite often),but I must say,after being greatly disappointed by NGII,I'm very-how shall I put it-'concerned' about the games coming to the Xbox 360 this year.

On topic,I definitely agree with #3 on that list,Sony have done a remarkable job in evolving the Online Network,and with more features,Ps Home,and peripherals coming soon,I strongly expect PSN to surpass what the competition offers in the coming months.

jcgamer3833d ago

In my humble opinion, many 360 and Wii owners will eventually have a PS3 this might be in a year or two, maybe more...but they will...and trust me, you won't regret buying THIS ONE...

PS3 owners are not feels so well put together and entertaining TO THE MAX...and the games so far are awesome...also everytime I turn it on, it feels like the first'm serious...I know some PS3 owners know what I's just something about it...and when I'm home, it's usually ON...I've never used a console as often as I've used my PS3...however, it still feels brand spankin' new after almost 6 months...

the book isn't written yet...that's what makes this generation so fun...the PS3 is the best console I've EVER owned in terms of hardware and functionality...time will tell if it is the best in terms of games...but I have a feeling that it will... :)

thereapersson3833d ago

lol, my PS3 is sitting there collecting dust, and I play it all the time! ;P

Anyway yeah, I play my PS3 way more than I play my 360. In fact, the last game I played on my 360 and beat was Devil May Cry 4. I almost got it for PS3, but Capcom's install fiasco turned me off from it.

Currently enjoying the Battlefield: Bad Company demo on my PS3... I might have to get that game when it comes out.

madmike3833d ago

you fanboys get one good game and think the ps3 is the best console fracking jokers ps enjoy third place

solidt123832d ago

I just fired up my 360 a couple of days before MGS4 to check out the Ninja Gaiden II Demo and that is about it. I only play it when a big exclusive demos comes out but my primary system is the PS3

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resistance1003833d ago

I don't think you can really have a best console ever.

However the Playstation 3 has the worlds best game

reaferfore203833d ago

Surely you're talking about Lair right?? Ahaah j/k MGS4 was worth the wait and the ending is remarkable. Too bad games can't win oscars because this game would take the cake at the Academy Awards.

season0073833d ago

you can name some other much worst game if you want to name a bad game on a console, however, lair isn't all that bad after the analog patch

reaferfore203833d ago

Yeah I've been wanting to rent it and try it again since the patch.

gonzopia3832d ago

Lair isn't the greatest game ever made, but it's FAR from the worst. I think the expectations were high, and they just weren't met. I got my PS3 a while after the Lair release, and had only heard bad things about it, so my expectations were low. I actually found the game really fun.

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Silver3603833d ago

This is all subjective and we buy into these public relations pieces. It is just about selling consoles now.Most games are multi platform and play the same on both. The pissing contest was fun for a while but now it is time to just play games on whatever system you like even the Wii.

Pornlord3833d ago

I agree with Kas. I own both consoles and I prefer the PS3. But it depends on your gaming preference. If you like to shoot things and like competitive gaming, 360 is probably your best bet. I haven't touched my 360 in a while. I'm waiting for Fable 2, gears was only so-so to begin with, I own it, it's ok. Infinite Undiscovery looks good. I just think PS3 has more to offer me. MGS4 is the best game I've played for any system this gen, I'll stand behind that statement.