A brief and fresh analysis of next-gen game ratings

Load Game blog has posted a new analisys about game ratings for each next-gen console. They tell what console has the best or worst game scores so far.

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TheMART3836d ago

One thing is clear. The Wii is really, really average. Which doesn't surprise me with that whole pile of sh!tty partygames, made to score a quick buck on sales from kids that don't know what they're buying.

kevnb3836d ago

Yet still bloggers, and fanboys continue their delusions.

Hydrolex3836d ago

PS3 goods higher than both 360 and Wii
PS3 bads lower than both 360 and wii

Average same as 360 and lower than wii.

Don't forget, the bads are the crappy ports which come from EA and Ubi.

edhe3836d ago

Things like this are meaningless without weighting for number of games.

rroded3836d ago (Edited 3836d ago )

change aware to capable and you'll see why the ps3 is set to own this gen.
Even with the big viral push by ms the ps3 is the console of choice for the real hardcore gamers. Tho a lot of us got suckered into buying a 360 the hardware issues were enough to make us ill and now with every ps3 exclusive the 360 looks more and more outdated...

IHATEGOD3836d ago

First off you have to look at the amount of games and you can see that this is a waste of an article. Wii has about 100-150 games, 360 has 200-250, and the PS3 has about 30 games. If they reviewed the same amount of games and the same amount of exclusives then made this could be more credible.

JoelR3836d ago

so far 170 games for the ps3.

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Voiceofreason3836d ago

Not hard to understand why Wii is last so far. When only Nintendo was ready with quality games at launch. Of course just like the PS2 they have some good games. Most hater 12-17 year olds though will simple claim every game is crap. IF that were really true though I wouldnt have sold my PS3 to buy more Wii games

JVIDICAN3836d ago

lol XD
(im just joking)

Xiru3836d ago (Edited 3836d ago )

But most Wii games are crap. :( The only good ones are proven Nintendo franchises and No More Heroes. And you sold a PS3 for Wii games? Pass the drugs plz!

TOSgamer3836d ago (Edited 3836d ago )

Damn you should change your tag to Voice of Stupidity. Hard to believe anyone would sell their PS3 for more Wii games. All the good non-Nintendo released games drop to $20 or $30 dollars after a month or two anyway because no one buys them.

Voiceofreason3836d ago (Edited 3836d ago )

WEll I have a PC so no reason to have a PS3. I just wasnt impressed with their taking alst gen games changing the lead role and releasing a rehashed game while calling it a new IP. HS,DF, and WH all proved this. SO yeah I sold my PS3 and went and got Wii fit,Boom Blox, NMH. Sadly it was the only time my PS3 offered any kind of next gen experience. Selling it to buy Wii games.. Oh and I did get Mass Effect for PC. Some people are happy with hardware that doesnt deliver whats promised or mediocre game selections. I am not one of them. I can tolerate it more on Wii though because it cost me 250, and not 600.00 .......Tosgamer, I think you will find that most actually release around that price. Wii games go from 19.99 for crap shovelware to 49.99 for good games. Which is nice because all the crap games on PS3 cost 59.99 just like the good ones. I like the Wii way of doing it better. I just dont look at any games in the cheap price range and I dont have to worry about shovel ware. Of course I dont expect Die hard Sony fans to understand. They arent real gamers anyway. they just by a name brand, not games. Oh and BTW, If Wii is a sucky console it has to be 100 times better than PS3. Wii gets more play time on average, gets more games bought so it has a higher attach ratio. When you kids talk about the Wii without realizing it beats the PS3 in almost every way, I have to laugh. You just dont understand the PS3 is in worse shape right now so when you call the Wii crap you are also insulting the PS3 since its in worse shape.

-Maverick-3836d ago

You're a moron. More like "voice of a 14 year old"

Whoooop3836d ago (Edited 3836d ago )

You actually need some alone time with the PS3 in your room.

The Wii is a toy... Most people I know that bought the Wii had never play video games in their life or 50% are girls (that haven't played video games either).

It's selling great... BUT.. It's still a toy for people to have fun with, like twister, like monopoly, like the Super Water Slide...

Comparing the Wii with the PS3 is like comparing a Power Wheel with a Rolls Royce..

GTFO with that Bullsh*t haha

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Xiru3836d ago

PS3 is the choice for people who want quality. 360 is the choice for those who want a great selection of games. Wii is the choice for those looking for something different. That is the best way I can think to word it. Reviews only matter to the core gamers anyway.

titntin3836d ago

"Reviews only matter to the core gamers anyway"

Do you really think so? In my experience core gamers have a very strong opinion on titles irrespective of reviews and are likely to buy or not buy no matter what a review says. Given the wealth of opinions expressed on any one title, a core gamer can always find a review that supports their expectations!
I think its more casual gamers that are swayed by reviews. They will not have followed a games development, and will not hold a pre-conceived idea of what to expect. They'll likely only see one review and chances are their opinion of the game will be heavily swayed but what they read in that one review.

I'm open to a counter argument though! :)

TheExecutive3836d ago

Game reviews are meaningless ammunition for the fanboy kind.

titntin3836d ago

Can't dispute that comment!:)

I'm pretty sure they don't sway the average fan boy! They are just used as bait!

Its the effect on 'Joe Public' thats up for debate!

tplarkin73836d ago (Edited 3836d ago )

Sorry to burst your bubble, but the quality is highest on 360. Multiplat games perfom better on 360 and the 360 has many more, better, exclusives. In addition, Xbox Live is the best of the best for online gaming.

titntin3836d ago


Thats your opinion - but the story is about what the critics think, and the statistics don't match with your view of the situation at all.

tplarkin73836d ago

The article mentions the fact that the Xbox 360 had a year lead and that it has more games. Those bars are a percentage of each console's inventory of games. If you were to compile a list which combined all consoles, the 360 would be way ahead.

titntin3836d ago

Well of course dude?

We ARE discussing qulaity, which is a percentage of all titles that reach a certain stadard.

You appear to be confusing this with quantity - so any machine with a greater number of titles would win that argument - its pointless.

By your reckoning the winner by a country mile would be the PS2. It might have a lower percentage of qulaity games, but given the thousands available, it will have more high rated games than the entire release lists of the current next gen machines.

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titntin3836d ago

I've not been convinced by reviews for a long time (too many titles I love get mediocre scores!), so theres only so much you can read into data analysis like this.

I think the high numbers of poorly rated games on the WII does say something. Theres obviously a high number of 'shovel ware' games on the system for a variety of reasons - none of which are Nintendo's fault. Some publishers saw the sales of WII as an excuse to try and 'cash in' on those gamers with some pretty lackluster titles. Still others have attempted to use the unusual control mechanism - and then failed badly, resulting in a poor game.

As far as the differences between 360 and PS3 are concerned, they are close enough as to be almost the same, so you can't draw huge conclusions from it. I guess one conclusion you could draw, is that the old adage "PS3 has no good games" is not actually borne out by the statistics, both systems seem to have a similar number of quality titles.

Voiceofreason3836d ago

When you consider how much more powerful the PS3 and 360 are compared to Wii, its not hard to see them getting lower scores. Thats natural and should be expected. What is unexpected, to me anyway is how a couple of Wii games have actually managed better reviews then their PS3/360 counter parts.Not many mind you but it shouldnt be happening at all.

titntin3836d ago

I can't really say I agree with you.

More system power does not always equal amazing games, and you can design brilliant games without having the latest tech.

I'm probably not the best to argue the case, as I am a self confessed tech whore! But a game like Super Mario Galaxey demonstrates how perfectly honed gameplay tailored to the power available will always shine through any technical limitations. Conversely, you don't have to look far on 360 or PS3 to see some outstanding examples of technically polished turds.

Some of the best games of the last few years have been on hand held and the DS for instance! I don't believe the power available is a reason for the WII to have so many low scoring games, and titles like Mario and Metroid and Smash Bros, and Zak and Wiki, have proved it time and time again.

Pornlord3836d ago

I agree somewhat with 3.3, but most of the games that took off that you mentioned were nostalgia titles. So it's really hard to tell whether reflected sales were just because they were the newest installments and therefore a percieved "Safe Buy". Maybe that's not the case, but I bought GTAIV for instance thinking "Man, I loved San Andreas and Vice City, so it's safe to say I'll like this too, I'm gonna go buy it". Well, I was wrong, it's not as good as it's counterparts and I wasted my money and help boost it's statistical ego to boot. Just a thought. I agree on the main point you are making though.

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