Arkham Origins’ Plot Twist Ruined An Awesome Game

Gamemoir's Victor gives a spoiler filled rant on the topic of why Batman: Arkham Origin’s bait and switch didn’t work for him

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OpieWinston1424d ago

I agree. Arkham Origins had such potential with the story.

My friends and I kept saying "$50 Million dollars!" the way Black Mask said it.

We needed a game where Joker wasn't the antagonist...We almost had one.

Origins would've been much better if they kept the Antagonist the way they advertised it.

HeavenlySnipes1424d ago (Edited 1424d ago )

Well that's kinda not fair to them

They were making a prequel to Arkham Asylum which starts with Batman taking Batman in for "something", with Joker wanting to get caught for whatever reason which leads on to the actual game

The story in Origins smoothly transitions into Arkham Asylum

Arkham Origins was "good" but they weren't as good as Rocksteady at properly pacing the game, the combat was slightly off (referring to the countering mechanic) and when it released it was PLAGUED with bugs (some slightly game breaking and ubiqitous)

It was an 8/10 game imo but its first impression left a bad taste in people's mouths which stuck with the game long after its problems were fixed

Ol_G1423d ago

Well i'm playing origins atm between work and honestly it's bad i mean really bad compared to the first two games it looks completely different batman stutters between certain animations his personality is badly done compared to the other games i really don't like the way it's animated it doesn't feel real i can't precisely put my finger on it but something is really off in this game and i have trouble finishing it while with the first two games i almost forgot to sleep i was hooked

Gamer7771424d ago (Edited 1424d ago )

What I didn't like about the game was that the Joker was the main villain. I also didn't like how this batman is suppose to beat less experience than the older more mature batman in asylum/city; yet he is able to beat an intelligent Bane and Deathstroke.

CocoWolfie1424d ago

one of my favorite things from the batman tv show was his first encounter with bane. he actually gets hit sh** kicked in and his back broken. its so cool, and if he got beat by bane, if deathstroke wounded him fatality, that would of been a good build up, at least for a 8 hour game compared to a 3 hour movie or a 15 minuet show, but.. yeah oh well :p

InTheLab1424d ago

All in the same 24hour period. Not only did he beat those two, he beat Shiva who is a better martial artist than anyone else in all of DC.

gangsta_red1424d ago

Exactly, Origins took the super easy story route and shoe horned a popular villain in just for the heck of it.

They should have kept it the Black Mask, the Joker is a great villain but he is not about these huge gad plot schemes. He just does things that pop into his mind.

yaz2881424d ago

does it count that this joker was actually 100x better than the one in asylum and city. but yeah I can understand people are already bored with the character overuse.

I loved all the batman games so far and don't get the hate towards origins which is the same game as city (but better story, writing, acting!! )

Ol_G1423d ago

Seriously cause i think this game is worse in every way and if the story is really better they did a really bad job presenting it and about the acting i can't agree on that animations stutter and hang in this game that's just bad even if the story would be better stuttering animations and hiccups don't equal better acting sorry

yaz2881423d ago

imo they really did a good job and I am saying this only because asylem and city were not that great at it. the joker reveal was awesome and how his relationship played with batman ... (spoiler!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!: batman saving joker
fucking loved this scene. ) truly I loved orgins and god I hope rocksteady can do the same .. or better.

Sadist31424d ago

Ark ham origions was a great game. I had no issues with it

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