Preview: LA Cops is Pure, Bad-Guy Blasting Fun | J Station X

J Station X writes

"It’s hard out there for a top-down shooter fan, when all you’ve got is Hotline Miami’s strawberry jam coloured shootouts to look forward to and multiple playthroughs of that can’t even sate your need to lay down some bullets from a bird’s eye view.

It doesn’t have to be that way though, because LA Cops puts you in the shoes of a collection of (named!) justice bringers who, via murderous means will bring the perps in line. We can’t all go the Tasers and handcuffs route now can we?

We liked the look of the game when it released a stonking new trailer a few weeks ago and since then LA Cops has hit Steam Early Access. So of course we’ve shot, died, destroyed and ‘hoorah!’ed our way through it and you can read the ensuing hijinks below"

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