Kuma's After Thought on The Crew Beta [Kuma Kreations Entertainment]

Kuma wrote: The beta is out on the PC for those that Pre-ordered as most of you know and I just thought I share my feelings so far on it. I mean it is still a beta, but doesn't mean we can't chat about our experience.

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xJumpManx1485d ago

I love this game just stinks its capped at level 10 for the Beta.

C-H-E-F1485d ago

man.. i loved the beta hopefully I get in the console version as well..

xJumpManx1485d ago

Yea, I do to I signed up for both the 1 and ps4 versions.

C-H-E-F1485d ago

Yeah, which console are you getting it for? uhm PM me the answer (you killed all your bubbles) lOl

C-H-E-F1485d ago

am I the only one getting pop ups anytime I do anything on here "agrees/disagrees and clicking in the textfield"

this is ridiculous.