Nintendo Shows How You Do DLC Right

Jenni Lada - Every Nintendo fan online pretty much wet him or herself the second they saw a fateful image. I remember it like it was yesterday (probably because it was). Link was on a motorcycle, racing through Shy Guy Falls. Yoshi and Wario were on his tail, but they couldn't catch up to him, because he's Link! It was magic. Music may have even spontaneously begun to play. It was then that a realization hit me.

Nintendo can do no wrong when it comes to Mario Kart 8 DLC.

Well, I suppose I should be more specific. Nintendo is aces when it comes to "paid" Mario Kart 8 DLC. I'd rather not think or talk about that Mercedes Benz free DLC that arrived August 27, 2014 and we couldn't opt out of. That was an advertisement and doesn't count. But when it comes to the real DLC, the company has proved that it knows how the concept should work, and is doing it right.

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ZoidsRaven1394d ago

I don't really think that DLC is done right in titles like 'Rusty's Real Deal Baseball', but I do agree that it's done right in titles like MK8. 7_7