How one indie got Sony and Microsoft to support cross-platform content

Cross-platform play: It's the feature gamers always ask about, with Xbox fans wishing they could play with PlayStation people and vice versa. That doesn't appear to be something either Microsoft or Sony is interested in, but the companies' new attitudes on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One allowed one indie studio to deliver the next best thing — cross-platform sharing of users' creations.

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AngelicIceDiamond1485d ago

"through discussions with Sony and Microsoft, HB was able to allow players on all three platforms to upload and share their creations with each other."

Now that's pretty cool.

Cross platform content I can see happening and its happening in this game. But cross platform play would be intriguing.

Xbox community VS the PlayStation community would be very interesting.

I wonder who would win in a game of COD or BF.

iamnsuperman1485d ago

Cross platform play would be impossible with the current online set up. This is a big step forward but we will never see the day when Xbox users play against PlayStation users. It would mean Microsoft and Sony giving up control of the online portion

Software_Lover1485d ago

Exactly. You think Microsoft is gonna tout "the cloud powah!!!" and then allow other consoles access to their services and servers?

Mr Pumblechook1485d ago

Portal was cross-platform between PC and PS3.

Bungie recently said they could have built Destiny so it is cross platform but it would have made the console/s with the highest resolution have an unfair advantage.

The industry is changing. It might be that where once it was okay for manufacturers to pay for third-party games to be exclusive and now this is not welcome, in the future it may be that PS4/Xbone owners will demand that they are not restricted in other areas too. But I can't see cross-platform play just yet.

johndoe112111484d ago (Edited 1484d ago )

Yeah so, at the risk of being accused of trying to start a flame war here, I'm gonna have to call bull$h!T on this author.

"That doesn't appear to be something either Microsoft or Sony is interested in", This statement right here is complete hogwash. The reason there has never been cross platform play is microsoft's fault and their fault ALONE. Sony has never had an issue with that idea.

Yoshida himself said he was very open to the idea and he thought it would have been great. This is the type of BS journalism we have come to expect in the gaming industry.

Oh damn......Just noticed it's a polygon article. Makes sense now. smh

KwietStorm1484d ago

All I know is if cross platform play ever happened, every single living being in that match would be muted on my end. It would be such a huge thing for the community, but we know it would be ruined.

VforVideogames1484d ago

Im ready to kill ps4 gamers.

ThunderPulse1485d ago

FFXIV should be the 1st game that lets everyone play together!

TongkatAli1485d ago

Sony and Microsoft friends.

AgentSmithPS41485d ago

Instead of these pathetic text-based fanboy fights I'd love to be able to have P VS X fights in games like BF4 etc. From tons of experience I know that there are many terrible players on both systems so the results might be interesting.

Make it happen.

ScorpiusX1485d ago (Edited 1485d ago )

This would be cool if all games came with a forge mode , where then we could use it to create MP. Maps from different game layouts ex:say a forge map from Halo Reach switched out with a jungle map from UC or any other game . As crazy or half baked it would be awesome cool

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