Sexism, misogyny and online attacks: It’s a horrible time to consider yourself a ‘Gamer’

Feminist Frequency and Anita Sarkeesian’s latest video, Women as Background Decoration (part 2), is thought-provoking, eye-opening and most importantly very accurate.

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tastas211424d ago

For once I actually agree with this guy. What a horrible situation.

Ozmoses1424d ago

"Sexism, misogyny and online attacks: It’s a horrible time to consider yourself a ‘gamer’"

considering this has been happening long before video games and the internet...

it's nothing new... it's not going to go away...

it's the world we live in.. it's the nature of the beast - 666

strangeaeon1424d ago

So the fact that it's "nothing new" somehow marginalizes it?

Highlife1424d ago

What the hell is a gamer? I play games in my spare time which isn't often and check news sites from time to time does that make me a gamer? I don't tell people when they ask what do you do well I'm a gamer.

NewMonday1424d ago (Edited 1424d ago )

but it seems to be a great time to be a "feminist", using anything and everything in the cause of publicity and legitimizing hypocrites.

meanwhile these "feminist" made Shades of Grey the best selling book ever, what exactly happens in those books to make them such a big seller for women anyway?

Ozmoses1424d ago (Edited 1424d ago )

what I'm saying is the term gamer (whatever the hell that means anyway) is not relevant towards these problems of the world...

we are HUMANS... gamers are humans....

so for example let's say we replace gamer with the word "worker" or any other word that describes a group of HUMANS.

if anything the best thing someone in the video game world could do is create a video game that focuses around the topic of "Woman Suffrage" so the issue can reach the gamers.

it's the same damn thing.. how is it any different than the news? or the movies? or the tv shows? or the reality tv shows? or the rap songs? or the country songs? the shows about 16 year olds with kids? the victoria secrets? the playboys and penthouses? the right to vote? the right to equal pay? the desire to fight in combat along with men? or the beauty pageants for little girls?

it's all the same.........

like I said it has been around for ages... if you look at history.. all it is... is the same issues being cycled around every couple of decades or so...

just like the current situation in ferguson..

So yes.... regardless of the video game industry and/or culture... this problem is always going to remain...

so quit talking about the blatant obvious and get back to gaming.

Halo2ODST21423d ago

He's linking you're outrage to his Twitter to get attention.

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N1GHT_W0LF_X1423d ago

I've been frequenting N4G for years now, never commenting or even needing to make an account until now because I enjoyed reading articles about my hobby, that being video games, and I've always considered myself a gamer. But lately I've been seeing more and more of these articles that are just putting me off from enjoying my hobby because people have perverted the essence of it for their own benefit. I'll admit, I didn't know much about Anita or Zoe Quinn until last week but I was intrigued by the story that arose about her. I wasn't interested in her personal life or even her feminist views. What interested me was the issue that connected her to Kotaku and then the systematic censorship of the developing story. For those reasons alone, I delve in deeper into the rabbit hole and was surprised at the strong feminist movement that was behind both her and Anita in the form of these "SJWs".

Now, I'm not trying to negate the clear fact that there are some individuals out there that are clearly screwed in the head and make these anti-female comments about raping female gamers and threatening their lives, because I've lived on this planet long enough to know that these people do exist somewhere out there. My problem comes in that somehow ALL gamers have now been grouped in with these twisted savage (I wouldn't consider them people) and somehow I am should be ashamed to be a male gamer. These women, in their pursuit to express their opinions (which they have total right to do), have amassed an army of sorts that seem to now attack and threaten those that do not express the same views as them.

This wouldn't be such a bad thing if their view was noble but from what I've seen, it's so misconstrued to the point that they are creating issues where there are none. Do women in video games sometimes portrayed as sexual objects? Yes, but you can also be so objective as to say that the male protagonists in those same games are portrayed as nothing but homicidal sociopaths. And that's just the thing, you choose to see what you want to see. You can create whatever issue you want if you look at things in a certain light. Mario's not a plumber, he's an obese, stereotypical Italian druggie/murderer that abuses his pets and has a weird furry fetish. Someone call PETA so they can get on this huge issue that's been suppressed by the entire pet hating gamer culture! Make them voice out their opinions so we can save these cute virtual DINOSAURS from further abuse.

Now just think about how absurd that scenario is but that's essentially what's going on with this whole Anita situation. The difference is I don't have an army of loyal zombies behind me that do everything I say and benefit financially from them remaining on my side. All this has done is perverse gaming by saying that the fantasy world in them should ALWAYS reflect real-life... yet not real-life at all, according to Anita. No. All games should follow Anita's twisted reality in which women are completely equal to males except there should be no negative aspects to the women in those games. No more damsels in distress, instead they should be able to hold their own... but shouldn't come off as homicidal sociopaths like their male because that would suggest that women are emotionally unstable which they totally aren't in the real world. All women in the real world are exactly the same carbon copy of perfection and GIRL POWER!! There certainly are no lying females in the real world, or weak females, or hyper sexual females who know nothing but being used as sexual objects.

N1GHT_W0LF_X1423d ago

I jest, of course, because those types of females do exist as do males that exhibit the same traits. Not all males are muscular, testosterone-filled, dude-bros as portrayed in the majority of video games... but don't tell Anita that. But this is where the major difference between true gamers and these SJWs is seen... gamers don't care that this is how males are portrayed. Video games are FANTASY!! The rules of the real world don't apply. Even games like GTA which are based in the real world are so far fetched that gender, race, and sex are just a caricatures of their real world counterparts and are therefore obviously not to be taken literal. If games like GTA were to really be based on the real world, there would be thousands of child murderers running around right now. But there aren't even children in those games so maybe children should be outraged that they aren't being properly represented in video games.

In closing, people choose to create these issues and then group the few bad apples with the overwhelming majority of the good ones. And I am frankly fed up of these "feminists" shitting all over my hobby for their own gain. I'm taking a stand here that if any website continues supporting these over-exaggerations of issues and keep covering these stories that make their readers feel ashamed of themselves, then I'm just going to stop visiting them (and that includes N4G if they don't start moderating these stories). And I suggest all the gamers that feel like me do the same. If you want to be real journalists, start by digging into the real issues that arose from these scandals... namely how the majority of websites seemed to blackout the Zoe Quinn story for strange reasons and how that brings to question the state of video game journalism due to the serious issue of no longer seeming impartial.

pat_11_51424d ago

Interesting. I think this might be the first positive thing you've ever said to me. I don't enjoy writing about this kind of thing but it's finally become an almost unavoidable issue.

Gh05t1424d ago (Edited 1424d ago )

Seriously there is nothing about this that even pretends to understand an opposing viewpoint. You have swallowed Anitas feminist ideology of a problem where only one exists if you make it one. You have decided to view the problem through the glasses of an extreme fringe and failed to look at the picture from an objective viewpoint that doesn't have anything to prove.

This article just pays lip service to the feminists without talking about the issues objectively.

The contradiction in all this is that if we treat women in video games like we treat men we are doing it wrong (We would be able to murder them all over the place in almost any game). But if we treat women differently (Usually far more sympathetic) we are doing it wrong. Somethings got to give, you cant have it both ways.

If I made a game where I have a female leader of a male bordello and I have to put an end to her life because she is enslaving men do you not think Anita would have a problem with that as well?

And to the whole Gamer issue. A gamer is someone who likes to play games and nothing else. As you said that means it incorporates all ways of life and all diversities... Also meaning I have to share the title with self proclaimed feminists like Anita, and the white knights who defend her horrible ideology like yourself.

Askanison41424d ago

Nah, bollocks to that.

There's only so far you can claim that "it doesn't apply to everyone".

Unfortunately, we "Gamers" as a community seem to have a massive amount of vocal and abusive members. It's not white knighting, it's speaking up and taking note that hurling abuse at a personality based on their gender, skin color, any nonsense like that, is wrong.

Check out the FeministFrequency twitter and see some of the @ replies she's got to put up with. People are dirtbags, and it's not to be tolerated. I wouldn't want to listen to those people spout such hatred (and you can argue all you want, but it is all misogyny - they are not equal opportunity haters) at me or anyone I know, and I refuse to stand by and allow it just because I'm only an observer.

Gh05t1424d ago (Edited 1424d ago )


"massive amount of vocal and abusive members."

you do realize how statistically delusional that statement it right.

How many people gave her flak (To her face not just talking crap on a forum that she wont see but went out of there way to send something to her)? 1000, 5000, 10,000 hell I will even give you 100,000 people made horrible disgraceful comments TO her.

100,000 out of all the gamers world wide... but lets just look at America, The ESA report that most SJW go to for there women play games stats say that 58% (2013) of Americans play video games. there was more than 315,000,000 people in 2013 in the US.

That is 0.063% of the GAMERS that maybe gave her dirtbag misogynistic remarks... and you want to trash the whole demographic.

now lets say 2,000,000 people talk crap about her for unrealistic reason that's still only 1.27% of the US gamers now lets add the rest of the world and you will see that you have no freaking concept of how much of a "MASSIVE" minority it truly is.

Dee_911424d ago (Edited 1424d ago )

I'm so tired of these people throwing the word harassed, harassment, and "attacked" around just to get some attention.You make the 1 person that you have shown actually threaten your life seem like an entire continent of people hurling those types of remarks.You can't clump the people with the generic " your game sucks" in with the " die go to hell " group and call it all harassment.

On topic

"They frequently cite how Quinn was in a relationship with a journalist at gaming news site Kotaku when an article mentioning her was published. Unsurprisingly their allegations and numerous angry, inflammatory YouTube videos, have been proven false"

When and where have this been proven false? You can't just make that statement and not back it up.

I completely agree that games need more female protagonist.Most of my favorite games last gen had leading female protags, in Heavenly Sword,Last of US, Beyond, and Heavy Rain, Tomb Raider.But you are making this an entirely bigger issue then it really is, because like the games I've just mentioned, there are actually video games with female protags.You wanting games to have 50% male protags and 50% female protags is unrealistic and completely ignorant to hold that against the gaming industry.I want more female protags because I like to play as females, not for some equality BS.

"Unfortunately the video has been met with a wash of controversy and self-professed “real gamers,” afraid their beloved franchises will be influenced by the feminist masses.... "

The woman in the video isn't even a gamer.She stated that.We do not want all this mythical equality BS in video games.Because we are realistic.We know there is no such thing as equality.Everyone gets treated like s#it..We also don't want it for the sole purpose of people like you, that rides this moral high horse around saying everyone who doesn't agree with you is bad and horrible beings ( sadly thats not even an exaggeration).I can tolerate it in society but when you start to bring that BS into my hobby I draw the line.I don't support death threats or general ignorant remarks to feminist and sjw and who ever else.So please stop portraying me like that.. I feel kind of harassed and attacked... I can't breathe.. I think I'm having a panic attack.. someone triggered me!!

Here's a disclaimer people.Most of the crap in that article is over exaggerated to fuel and bring attention to their poorly thought out and biased cause.
If you believe a person on twitter jokingly telling you to kill yourself equals " teh gamers as a whole wishes death upon innocent devs" then this article and articles like it is just right for you.

kingdip901424d ago

I agree with the video and article in that the way women are treated in games is pretty ridiculous.

I will however argue the point that your point of view and that in the video are feminist in nature. Feminism seeks to make males and females equal in every way, this includes the consideration of both how males and females are effected and portrayed in certain media. Just because there is a fem in feminism it does not mean it is female centric in concept.

Video games are made to appeal to a persona sense of fantasy, to give the player a way to express themselves and enjoy a world that pleases their tastes and is much simpler than the real.

Taking that into account we can assume that females being portrayed as nothing but a sexual thrill or something to be rescued as to appeal the the audiences white knight complexes. This is indeed offensive to the female gender and it is done to play into the fantasies of the audience.

The outcome here is offended females (people) in an effort to cater to the audience.

males in video games are portrayed as murderous simple minded brutes whose only goals are to kill, get rich and rescue a women he barely knows usually because his only real desire is to get laid. This is offensive to men as it poorly portrays the gender and it is done to cater to the audience's sense of fantasy.

The outcome here is offended males (people) in an effort to cater to the audience.

The point of my post is this, a true feminist would try and see how characters who only perpetuate stale tropes and offer no depth or humanity beyond what stroked gamers sense of adventure is offensive to everyone portrayed. I agree women get misrepresented all the time but so do men. Seriously if a gang cartel kidnapped my fiance there would be no shooting everyone and rescuing her and thanks to media I would have to sit at home feeling terrible for not being a "man" and that expectation being pushed on men is shitty.

Focusing purely on the female aspect isn't feminism in fact it's very exclusive to the other half of the populous. It doesn't seek equality it just perpetuates the idea that men are interested in little else but to objectify women and that is also very offensive and in my mind quite sexist in of itself.

Dee_911424d ago

By definition, women and men get treated equally by being portrayed " wrong " in media.The reality is these women that want these superficial types of equality, don't want it equality.They want to be portrayed better... or treated special.
I have no issue with women wanting to be portrayed a different way.They are completely free to feel that way.But going about it in this cynical and generalizing manner to make it seem like just such an horrible injustice thing is the issue a lot of people have with this, that and the everyday loony group of feminist that comes along with it like the author of this article, that over exaggerate everything.The last thing we need in the gaming community is a bunch sensitive people complaining about superficial stuff that has nothing to do with the actual game who crying "harassment" when ever somebody says something they don't like.

Neckbear1424d ago

"In her latest video Sarkeesian examines how non-playable female characters in video games are often only used as objects of sex and violence."

And non-playable male characters aren't?

BrianSharon1424d ago

Oh yes, I can recount the many times that I've seen male characters raped, or casually strolled through "stud ranches".

Neckbear1424d ago

Sex and violence, not sexual violence. And regardless, there are quite a few cases where male NPCs were raped or rape towards them was at the very least mentioned. Include every prison scene ever in an M-rated video game. Or every fantasy instance of a succubi/witch/whatever kidnapping males to rape and then kill them.

But hey, those don't exist, right? Goddamn sexist videogames and their misogynistic developers!

generic-user-name1424d ago

That's right, ignore the fact the 99% of NPCs you slaughter in games are male.

TekoIie1424d ago (Edited 1424d ago )

"Oh yes, I can recount the many times that I've seen male characters raped, or casually strolled through "stud ranches".

Have fun:

Might not be exactly what you asked for but its close enough ;)

pat_11_51423d ago

You should make a video featuring every one of those titles Brian :)

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ZoidsRaven1424d ago

"And non-playable male characters aren't?"

Didn't you know? People like Anita Sarkeesian have Five Million excuses to explain how and why it's "different".
If no one wants to see the Five Million excuses, a picture below pretty much summarizes the excuses (Generalization. See what I did there?)

mochachino1424d ago (Edited 1424d ago )

Well as a person that plays games who doesn't do any of that nor makes racist/homosexual hateful remarks I have no problem being a gamer.

Only a prejudiced person would assume they know any meaningful characteristics of an individual based on his/her group association.

Askanison41424d ago

"Welp, I'm not a total dirtbag so this discussion is pants. Peace out!"

Not productive.

LAWSON721424d ago (Edited 1424d ago )

Calling gamers a bunch of sexist and racist is much more productive and how we should be ashamed to call ourselves gamers, is much more productive? Let alone making an argument over something so stupid?

If someone wants to think I am racist or sexist because I call myself a gamer more power to them. In my opinion they are an idiot.

Reefskye1424d ago

Sorry but this shit pisses me off. lets moan about media depicting bad things towards women. Yet where are these people for the REAL women who this happens too? Lets make all media clean and fair for all and live in our little bubble world where because games show a nice free equal world, we can forget that this stuff happens every single day to REAL women, last time I checked GTA and watchdogs you have a choice to do something about it.

All I see is a woman complaining about fictional story lines that don't actually harm anyone. These thing happens every day its called real life. Why don't you do something about it rather than moaning about of bunch of pixals and No this shit doesn't make men think of assaulting woman males have being doing this shit for 1000's of years.

Some men are like this by default as proven by her twitter account.

Askanison41424d ago

I think the point is less that the storylines are encouraging the behaviour and more that they are both part of a systemic issue with sex (not just in games).

I think that by it's nature; having communities on the net and these meaning anonymity (usually) - the people who would normally realise that it's not OK to be a total derp don't find the need to stop themselves.

"Some men are like this by default" is not an OK thing. "Some people are racist", "Some people are homophobic"... just because "it happens" doesn't mean we shouldn't get rid.

Rhaigun1424d ago

No one is saying that. Are you on a one person mission to make everyone here see that we are all misogynistic pigs? Because I doubt many of us here are. You're preaching to the choir here. There is no one here calling for the eradication of unfair treatment of women here.

You are in the wrong place. Go to 4chan and talk to them. Us regular gamers, who just want to enjoy our games, are sick of hearing about it.