1-Year Playstation Plus subscription goes on sale with additional batch savings

The price of the 1-Year Playstation Plus subscription got reduced. Additional savings are also available when buying the cards in batches.

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xHeavYx1090d ago

For a second I thought they were selling it for only $10

nX1090d ago

40$ + 5% off if you buy three years is still a pretty good longterm investment... I'll bite :D

arkard1090d ago

your better off holding till black friday. I got a year subscription for 30$. I bought 2 at the time. I think some places were 25$ but I wasnt fast enough for that. Its a lot cheaper than this deal and you can buy however many years you want.

Sarcasm1090d ago


Beat me to it. I was just going to say wait until then. I got 3 of them for $30 each and set for 3 years. Going to get another 3 this holiday and will be good for a long time.

iiwii1090d ago

Not bad, but yeah, the Black Friday deal last year was the best. I grabbed two years then (should have done 3 years while it was only $29)

No telling if they will do that this year though. I think last year may have just been Sony trying to get people onboard with the paid service while transferring over to PS4. I'll add more years on Black Friday this year if they offer it again.

SilentNegotiator1089d ago

5% of $120 is $6. What a weak offer.

gedapeleda1089d ago

Paying $ to play MP, I can't believe people are okay with this

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come_bom1090d ago (Edited 1090d ago )

No thanks. Think I'll wait to renew my PS+ account until they start offering better PS4 games. PS4 PS+ offerings have been disappointing.

... and yes, I can live without multiplayer on PS4. I essentially got PS+ for PS4 offerings.

Minato-Namikaze1090d ago

Why would you think that they would be good in its 1st year?

SilentNegotiator1089d ago

I thought Sony was going to give away every game as it released. /s

Utalkin2me1090d ago

You do realize you still get great content for the PS3 and the Vita with PS+. Sure PS4 ps+ offering is a little lackluster at times, but it's the first year. They have to build a library first in order to give solid stuff away.

spacedelete1090d ago

anyone know if the is UK or is it just US only ?

Patricko1090d ago

US only. I was hoping there would be something for EU too, but as always...nope!

GamingSinceThe80s1090d ago

I should have bought more than one year of Plus when Gamestop was selling them for $30 on black friday last year. But maybe I will wait and see if they do it again this year before renewing.

WildArmed1090d ago

It'll be around again this year. They sell 'em for 30$ more often than most people think.

Will be waiting till then to resub.

EikichiOnizuka1090d ago

money grab to use for their security updates

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The story is too old to be commented.