Of Course Dragon Age: Inquisition has Microtransactions

CCC Says: "The internet is in an uproar. The ramble rousing has commenced. Can you hear the people sing? Sorry, they aren't singing. Rather, they're tweeting in frustration over Dragon Age: Inquisition. Apparently, people forgot that, despite being developed by BioWare, Dragon Age: Inquisition is an EA game. And EA, being ever so money hungry, likes to shove microtransactions into every possible game. See where I'm going with this?"

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DualWielding1422d ago

Amazingly EA ends up looking better than Ubisoft because they did not put microtransactions onto single player

anticlimax1422d ago

Well story is important in Bioware games, and nothing breaks immersion in a story like the notion of actual money in-game.

Dark111422d ago

Good thing i only want to play the SP.

Omnisonne1422d ago

Yh idontknow why they even bothered putting in a MP mode, wish they just spent it on additional content like side quests, areas etc

shammgod1422d ago

yeah, the move to add the MP is just baffling.
SP only for me

700p1422d ago

Same here. I dont get how everytime something good is coming out or something good happens in general on here, SOMEONE always has to be negative and post articles like this lol

sjaakiejj1422d ago

Aren't these microtransactions completely optional like they were in Mass Effect 3? Why do people even care about it if that's the case? No-one's forcing you to buy anything. All I see are options in case you're lazy.

Perjoss1422d ago

"All I see are options in case you're lazy."

Or have a job but want to keep up with your unemployed friends.

creeping judas1422d ago (Edited 1422d ago )

I have a job, a family, a social life. But yet I never use microtransactions? Why, because I don't feel the need to keep up with my friends!

So I agree with the original poster.

No one is forcing you to buy them. Now it would be a different story, if let's say that you cannot defeat a certain boss unless you buy a certain weapon with real cash. Then and only then would MT's be despicable!


Sorry, I lied. I once purchased the Ford Pinto in Forza 4, because I wanted to see if it would blow up when rear ended on the first corner of any track.

Neixus1422d ago

because some people get annoyed by it and looks at it like it's a cashcrab. A lot of microtransactions are excactly cashgrabs, but not everything.

Take for example the Battlefield games, you can unlock all weapons for a price, which already can be unlocked for free, but not everyone has hours to spend.

Omnisonne1422d ago (Edited 1422d ago )

I never understood those shortcuts in BF.. isnt the entire point of a game to be played? By buying one of those shortcuts it feels like you just robbed yourself of gameplay hours (even if you dont have much time)

Einhert1422d ago

The problem is the game design is done in such a way that the developers make it such a grind to get anywhere (building weapons in deadspace 3) that it tests your patience against your wallet.

You should read the psychology of free to play games as it is applicable with micro transactions.


Wouldn't it be nice if you could play the game sparingly you know how like we used to.....and still keep up with our friends because progression and unlocks are not a tedious grind testing our wallets and making us spend extra of our hard earned cash on a game $60 or £40 has already gone towards.

sjaakiejj1422d ago

Multiplayer has always been a grind though, even before Microtransactions.

It comes down to asking yourself how important the game is for you. If you're pushing money into microtransactions after buying the game, you must feel that it is worth the money, otherwise you wouldn't do it in the first place.

I've never felt the urge to pay for things using optional (or compulsory) microtransactions because I don't really care about getting the best gear. I play games because they're fun to play with friends.

As long as they're optional, I really don't see a problem with them. They're a way for impatient or lazy people, as well as people who don't have enough time and want to keep up with their friends to get better gear.

But if we're being completely honest, if there weren't any microtransactions, you wouldn't be keeping up with your friends at all anyway, so I don't see how that's suddenly a problem.

P.s. This is a generalized reply to you and some other people who responded to my comment, so not everything is directed at you.

TheTowelBoy1422d ago

Most people who are buying it day one are buying it for the story/ single player... So idk why everyone is bitching like little school girls. And it's not like the multiplayer transactions are anything but unlocks lol ITS NOT COMPETITIVE MULTIPLAYER ITS COOP get over it. Micro transactions are here to stay, dont buy them if you don't want to. You have that option....

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badz1491422d ago

prior to 7th Gen: Of course "insert any game here" will have unlockables!

7th Gen: Of course "insert any game here" will have DLC!

8th Gen: Of course "insert any game here" will have microtransactions!

I wonder what will be next! and that's just talking about the money grabbing. shipping broken games is a whole of another matter too.

Drithe1422d ago

Who cares about all that? Dragon Age has a fully gay character in it! Yaaaaay!!

End of line.

TheTowelBoy1422d ago

If they had a complete idiot who was bigoted in wanting to see just an all male cast dude-bro through the inquisition would that make you happy? Lol end of line would mean you won't be part of the community I take it, thank the maker you aren't a true fan then. Keep the hate coming though, someone's got to play the role.

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