Unite 2014: Nintendo Showcases Unity Projects, Highest User Base for eShop is 18-34 Year Old Males

During Unite 2014, the highest demographic of users was revealed for the Wii U eShop, projects were talked about, and much more.

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Metallox1487d ago

18-34 years old, yet many people think only kids buy Nintendo systems.

Neonridr1487d ago

well people forget that these kids that buy Nintendo products eventually have to grow up.. :P

ZainreFang1487d ago

Facts are facts. Unfortunately, the stereotype will live on.

Stick891487d ago

Kids don't have credit cards, but who does...oh yeah, their 18-34 year old Dads. Being a family centered gaming console is not a bad thing. Embrace it and don't try and spin the numbers to try and fit in with Sony and Microsoft. You are who you are Nintendo, use it to your advantage, hell it's worked for you this long.

wonderfulmonkeyman1487d ago

Or, a better idea; people could just do the smart thing and accept that they were wrong about Wii U being mostly kids.
You know, because it's true, there's just as many adults as kids here, and there's no shame in being wrong once in a while.

NiteX1487d ago (Edited 1487d ago )

I always thought more kids went for the Xbox. All the yougins I know, which is mostly my friend's children only have 360s.