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Submitted by Konman72 458d ago | news

Titanfall Update Increases Max Players, Adds Burn Card Improvements, And More

Titanfall Update 6 adds Pilot Skirmish, a new game mode featuring 8v8 pilot-only combat. More changes are included, see the full list here. (EA, PC, Respawn Entertainment, TitanFall, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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nicksetzer1  +   458d ago
DUDE pilot only 8v8 sounds amazing.
SJPFTW  +   458d ago
meh ... essentially just makes it any other generic first person shooter. Titanfall without titans? That is like Uncharted without climbing.
UnHoly_One  +   458d ago
Agreed, that sounds terrible.
Dan_scruggs  +   458d ago
Ya. More options is a terrible idea. How dare the try and accommodate every type of player.

venom06  +   458d ago
Titanfall without titans or bot, sounds like Advanced Warfare to me..
4Sh0w  +   458d ago
Yeah I got to disagree with you there nick, why the hell would I want to play TITANfall without TITANS dropping eveywhere?

OK, maybe to switch things up for a match or two but then it wouldn't feel like the same game..that can sometimes be a good thing, but imo in this case that's not a plus.
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zacisyoface  +   458d ago
... so wait. You want a game Unique but shun when the Developrest do something unique .

I No Understand
InTheLab  +   458d ago
Now where's all the apologists that said this will never and should never happen.

If the game launched with this mode, I'd still have it. I've been screaming this since I heard the game was filled with bots.
DLConspiracy  +   458d ago
I didn't know people were still complaining about AI in the game. I thought they were just playing the game and enjoying it for what it is. An arena based online multiplayer shooter.
xbjuan   457d ago | Trolling | show
kingdip90  +   458d ago
They should have done 8 vs 8 at the beginning. Many more people would have bought the game then.
Funantic1  +   458d ago
That's true. I loved the game just hated the bots. I just traded mine in. I might just go buy it back for this.
aimforthehead  +   458d ago
I love how before release many were very worried about mandatory bots making the game worse, they assured everyone bots would make the game amazing, and it turned out bots make it suck. I returned my titanfall + season pass right after purchasing. This is good, but until they add a server browser its still a no buy.
oSHINSAo  +   458d ago
i leave TF while ago, now im coming back, This is a Great mode, know, another mode with Titans, bot no AI, and thats it
700p  +   458d ago
People are still buying it. AND this will help. :)
dboyc310  +   458d ago
Lol thought that they never were going to do it because it wouldn't "fit" the game. A lot will change when Titanfall 2 comes out. I think they learned a lot from the first installment.
Neonridr  +   458d ago
new IP. Gotta work the kinks out I guess.
Spurg  +   458d ago
'Lol thought that they never were going to do it because it wouldn't "fit" the game.'
They are talking about a new gamemode called Pilot Skirmish which will be an 8v8 gamemode. It doesn't have titans and grunts in it and it amkes sense to make it 8v8.
They didn't do higher than 6v6 because there would be too many titan on the map...that still stand here..normal game mode with titans are still 6v6.
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Quicktim3  +   458d ago
"8v8 pilot-only combat."

about dam time.
chaosx  +   458d ago
Not really Titanfall with no titans…
Antnee534  +   458d ago
Titans are what made this game garbage.
paddy95  +   458d ago
Cool. It will be a bit like advanced warefare. This will keep me going until that come along laterin the year. Titanfall is ok, but it will get destroyed by the much more exiting COD in a few months.
GamingSinceThe80s  +   458d ago
This may be enough to get me to buy it again. Or maybe I will just get it used at GameStop and play it again for a week and then return it and get all my money
Xb1ps4  +   458d ago
Lmao you ppl and your buy sell buy and sell again. All to save a total of 2 dollars lol

Why don't you just get gamefly and call it a day..
AutoCad  +   458d ago
Time to get back into it,i see myself actually getting hooked again with 8v8 pilots only
yankolo  +   458d ago
How can people not like this game...and they keep playin cod same over the same over the same..lets see now what they say cuze 8v8 no ai and no titans its cod killer I think...still love the titans ok..
MuhammadJA  +   458d ago
Is this game worth it on PC? Are there enough people playing?
ATi_Elite  +   458d ago
The PC Titanfall community is solid, no exact numbers but I have heard it is solid.

it just seems to have a long term community of players while the console seems to have players come and go.

Only issue I have heard about is that you may have a team full of low level players against a team full of high level players.
DLConspiracy  +   458d ago
I have never given up on Titanfall and its still to this day my most played shooter. Yes, I played it so much I took several week or two long breaks from it. Yes, it has bots like its said it would from the beginning. No it doesn't affect me in the slightest. No, its not a bad game at all.

I still love Titanfall and it seems to be the best mechanics a first person shooter has ever gotten. Enough so that even COD Advanced Warfare is stealing a page or two from its code. I stand behind Titanfall now and will when it becomes super popular and possibly trendy to finally appreciate with Titanfall 2. Its a great game.
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objdadon  +   458d ago
"Enough so that even cod is stealing a page or two from Titanfal"l Lmao! I believe it is the other way around buddy! Cod advanced warfare has been in development longer than Titanfall. Titanfall will be better the 2nd time around but right now it just isn't competitive! 8 vs 8 isn't gonna solve it either, not when people will probably just camp on top of buildings anyway.
DLConspiracy  +   457d ago
Yeah you are right they usually divulge all the details of every game so other developers can take that information. It may have been developed earlier although I am not sure thats 100% true. As Titanfall has had a working demo since E3 2013. Point being. I am not the only one who feels COD AV took a few signature Titanfall things.

Not knocking AV btw. Just saying people are pretty quick to put down Titanfall for a long time. Well before it was released. I wont explain why. Besides people whine too much about the bots but then go on to complain about the lack of single player. Which is pretty hypocritical as single player games have AI aka Bots.
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totalrecoilzz  +   458d ago
whens the new update...wanted this mode from the off.
JMaine518  +   458d ago
8v8 pilot only? I can get behind that
TheCatsMeow  +   458d ago
This is incredible news. A small gameplay tweak that will make a big difference. I can't wait. More targets to kill.
Xyconaut   457d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
CKPan  +   457d ago
Now you want to add players!
Gears_President  +   457d ago
Yep, its time for me to return.
Lostbytes  +   457d ago
LOL adding a game mode that RESPAWN stated would NEVER happen! Have to laugh! The game came out in march so the game is just about 6 or so months old! Respawn has stated that they are stopping support and new content for it soon. I have seen better support for SP only titles. talking about SP, i personally think NO classic SP campaign was their biggest downfall. Think of all the people who passed on this game due to that alone. (I personally know that 15 or 20 of my friends did not buy it for this reason)

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