Project Cars showcases gorgeous PlayStation 4 gameplay

New PlayStation 4 Project Cars gameplay looks absolutely gorgeous

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Enemy1152d ago

That blurry YouTube compression, ugh. But yes, it does look great, and the only console version running at 1080p/60fps. I will support these guys.

Yi-Long1152d ago

That helmet-camera should be fixed though. The rain drops BEHIND the helmet-screen, which ain't right.

Other than that, it looks pretty sweet. The track shown here is pretty small and boring though, but luckily we know there are some great tracks in the game :)

amiga-man1151d ago

Morpheus support, I never knew that.

Yi-Long1151d ago (Edited 1151d ago )

I read a preview on Dutch tech site ( about playing the game with Oculus Rift, and they were VERY VERY lyrical about the experience, and said the rest of the gaming press felt the exact same way. One of the best gaming experiences they ever had.

So at least that's hopeful for playing the game with Morpheus.

Forn1151d ago (Edited 1151d ago )

And stuff just disappearing in the mirrors... Honestly, and seriously not trying to hate on PCars, it all just looks a bit muddy/blurry imo. Not bad but I think Driveclub has/will spoil gamers as far as a visual standard goes, just saying. Project Cars seems as though it will feed the hunger of the sim racer fan no doubt. Solid. Onward toward release!

amiga-man1151d ago

How the hell can someone disagree it has Morpheus support?

and I should know if I knew that or not, some people.

opoikl1151d ago

I think it looks really good, apart from the fact that the driving line reflects in the raindrops.

Cindy-rella1151d ago (Edited 1151d ago )

this looks like a proper car game and ill definitely buy it but it just shows how amazing drive club looks. i saw this game a few years ago and i use to be in awe of how amazing it looks but drive club has set a bar for driving game visually.

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nX1152d ago

Yep looking good and the helmet cam is awesome... if I'm ever gonna get Morpheus, I'm gonna get this game as well :)

CarterMonsta1151d ago

Any1 else got The Crew Beta key but can't download it cos ps store under maintenance?

TheRedButterfly1151d ago

Gorgeous game. Can't say I'll be getting it, but I'll definitely give the devs props for their amazing work!

gootimes1151d ago

That is awesome they will have Morpheus support, very excited to hear it.

ShowGun9011151d ago

a racing game this gorgeous on Morpheus would be freaking sweet! OMG I WANT!!!

never knew this was morpheus compatible lol!

hype +99 (for me anyway)

gootimes1151d ago

Yeah, my father is a car enthusiast. If I get this, a wheel and Morpheus and take it to his place, I think he may seriously steal my PS4...

amnalehu1151d ago

They even said they actually played it WITH Morpheus at Game! I'm not sure if they were supposed to say that but that is very exciting news! Ordering my racing seat ASAP!

rextraordinaire1151d ago

gorgeous gameplay?

This makes no sense. Gameplay is not a visual propriety.

Gorgeous graphics ok.

ThatOneGuyThere1151d ago

how long has it been up there?

masterfox1151d ago

Really how much of a bad driving demonstration player you have to be even if theres a huge green line to follow in your screen?

A must say a really horrible one.

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