‘Minecraft: Xbox One’ Only $5 If You’ve Ever Played Xbox 360 Version

INQ: It’s been known for a while that existing Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition and Minecraft: Playstation 3 Edition owners will be able to upgrade to the Xbox One and Playstation 4 versions of the game for only $5. There were questions around how that would be enforced though with so many playing the game using retail disks versus downloading it. It turns out you won’t actually have to own the game to upgrade.

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oSHINSAo1242d ago

Thank god my nephew ask for minecraft to play it in my 360 :) such a lucky uncle i am

3-4-51241d ago

awesaome! just happens to be the only version I've played.

3-4-51241d ago

When there are no games to play or in between games, you can mess around in Minecraft.

Pogmathoin1241d ago

Yeah, my son has owned my Minecraft for a long time now....

Dudebro901242d ago

So that means i could just log onto my buddies console that has Minecraft, and then I get it for $5?

Queasy1242d ago

You'd have to play it at least once under your account, but yes.

stragomccloud1242d ago

I still think it's just stupid that people even consider playing this on console. You're cut off from the community unless you're PC.

LAWSON721242d ago (Edited 1242d ago )

IMO despite fun things like modded servers, the 360 port was better optimized and was a much better experience for just playing with friends. I personally want to be connected more with my friends than the whole Mincraft community

Snookies121242d ago (Edited 1242d ago )

How was the 360 port better optimized? PC gamers can optimize it however they see fit.

I've had Minecraft since the alpha, but I do see the draws of the console version and will probably get it at some point. Split-screen multi-player is an awesome thing to have. I just dislike how limited the console versions are in terms of size. That's my only issue. :\

I'm personally awaiting the Vita version. Having Minecraft on the go with awesome controls. I'll be playing that a lot.

achmetha1242d ago (Edited 1242d ago )

C++ version (x360) runs way better than the java version (pc). imo, they need to go c++ on pc as well, not sure why they havent..

WeAreLegion1242d ago

Why not both? I play on PC, consoles, and my phone.

NovusTerminus1241d ago

And if all your friends are on console? Mine craft is best with friends, and I'd be alone on PC.

Aleithian1241d ago

The degree of ignorance in this comment is painful.

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LAWSON721242d ago (Edited 1242d ago )

That is awesome, will definitely pick it up now

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