Sony Should Release a PlayStation Now Mobile Controller

Joel Taveras writes,"Following Sony’s acquisition of game streaming service Gaikai, it seemed as though the company had an idea as to where the industry was headed. They [Sony], and other companies (like Square Enix) are betting that in the future, games will be more of a service and less of a physical product you own. Whether it’s a sentiment you agree with or not, more signs continuously point to that reality. With the PlayStation Now service, Sony is hoping that the games-as-a-service future it’s envisioning becomes a reality sooner than you think."

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iamnsuperman1484d ago

Not really. The DS4 (or 3) is sufficient. They need to release a cheap cradle. It makes sense for Sony as they ready have a controller on the market. They could just release PS Now bundles or put a cradle in every DS4 box (especially as I feel they should get route play working for their smart phones)

ShutUpDonny1484d ago

And if the cradle can hold the Vita and be use for remote play, it would be perfect. I know there is a way to do it right now, but it's a pain in the a...

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Godmars2901484d ago

They did: Its called the Vita...

iamnsuperman1484d ago (Edited 1484d ago )

That would be a very expensive controller. Remember PS Now is coming to mobiles and Tvs. It needs a controller for the former. PS Now isn't for the Vita. It is for those who don't really want to spend a lot of money on a system

JoelT1484d ago

Thats exactly the thought process in this piece. $199 is way too much. Even $99 on a PlayStation TV is pushing it to be honest.

Godmars2901484d ago

How is $99 pushing anything if you only own a PSTV? Likewise a PSV?

If you're talking about iOS, make an app, then make a rig/cradle to mate a DS4/DS3 to a phone. $6 of plastic they'll charge $30 for.

But more to the point: how is an iPhone less expensive than a PSV?

iamnsuperman1484d ago


Iphone is a more of a necessity than the Vita (especially in the eyes of the consumer). Not really relatable

KakashiHotake1484d ago

lol you guys are beyond cheap. I'm guessing you haven't upgraded from PS2 yet.

Godmars2901484d ago

"Iphone is a more of a necessity than the Vita"

But we're not talking about a necessity, are we? We're talking about a luxury service for a luxury item.

Sounds rather ridiculous to be arguing about $50 controllers or $100~300 standalone and accessory devices when you want the PSNow on something costing $400 and more.

iamnsuperman1484d ago (Edited 1484d ago )


Sony is trying to turn a luxury service/product into something that doesn't require a lot of financial input. Granted PS Now is costly at the moment (thanks to publisher input but this was needed to get them on board in the first place) but this will improve with time. The service is designed for the casual market (the market that isn't interested in spending a lot on a vita)

Think about it from a consumers point of view. You could spend 50 plus the games to play video games or spend 150+ plus games to do a similar thing. ps Now is still in beta (hence why the slow roll out and only available on playstation devices) but Sony has expressed the end goal of the service. This is going to appear on mobiles tvs tablets.... Anything with the Internet and a screen. It is a cheap way at targeting the casual market that has moved to tablets and mobiles. They need the controller to be cheap to work and a Vita isn't a good step forward (considering it is asking a lot)

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wsoutlaw871484d ago

if im some one who just wants to play some psnow on my phone why would I buy a vita. Thats a lot of extra money and another device to carry. dualsock 3s are 40$ and will work perfectly with psnow.

Godmars2901484d ago

Currently because PSNow itself is in beta, is only available on the PS4 with no indication of when its going to be on iOS - this whole argument is completely and utterly P-O-I-N-T-L-E-S-S.

I mean, literally at this point people should be complaining amongst themselves about not having physical buttons for iOS and PSNow, they should be - politely - recommending physical iOS support to Sony. Use the share button on their blog.

wsoutlaw871482d ago (Edited 1482d ago )

when did i say ios? you know sony said it would work on their phones eventually right? Did you read what the article is about? Not even sure you are even responding to me. Also the ds3 support on ios would be up to apple and their bluetooth rules not sony

jukins1484d ago

they should release a controller you plug your phone into with adapters made for different phones like they do for ipod.

iamnsuperman1484d ago (Edited 1484d ago )

Well Sony phones allows a DualShock 3 to be paired. It isn't such a big stretch to see it appear on other phones (especially other android devices since third party applications can be downloaded). Though ios is the big issue. I can see apple being a bit temperamental about it

gangsta_red1484d ago (Edited 1484d ago )

When PSNow is introduced across all TV's, tablets and smartphones, it will make the Vita even less of a desired device.

Sony knows this which is why they have left the Vita in the hands of other devs and are soley focusing on PSNow as the anywhere, anytime type of service.

iamnsuperman1484d ago

I totally agree with you. Sony is moving away from handhelds because the market is shrinking. PS Now is becoming Sony's other focus because they know they can't solely rely on one product as it could be risky long termly (I. E they are looking for the next evolution of gaming).

Fishy Fingers1484d ago

Dualshock drivers for android/iOS. Would make my day.

ceooflhm1484d ago

You can already use Dualshock on Android. Depends on phone or tablet and Android version. Sony Xperias work right out of the box with Dualshocks.

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