PSX Extreme: GRID Review

PSX Extreme writes: "For as long as I could remember, Codemasters has often disappointed me with practically every one of their racing games since the PS2. Pro Race Driver was one of those first disappointments, as the game was hard on the eyes, despite screenshots featuring beaming details. And of course, with a game like Gran Turismo 3 to compete with, Codies had a lot to live up to. More recently, I found myself disappointed with their newest rally entry, DiRT - handling seemed too touchy, and the glare of the sun was annoying. So when GRID was revealed months ago, my expectations were low. Thankfully, GRID doesn't disappoint...but it will frustrate.

Even though Codies are known for releasing simulation titles, GRID is an arcade game more akin to Need for Speed than Gran Turismo. The first thing that's instantly noticeable is just how immense the sense of speed is. You're blasted with this instant assault of momentum, as nearly all the cars offered in the game are all very fast. Once you settle down with the game's pace, you'll also notice that the controls feel better than its rival Need for Speed: ProStreet."

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