New Developments at Nintendo “Garage” and Moving Forward

Nintendo’s tried-and-true IPs bridge generational gaps and create atmospheres that many gamers can reflect upon, but there’s no doubt that people are yearning for Nintendo to show them once again what made them who they are - that innovation and riskiness they once displayed in their prime.

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Metallox1087d ago (Edited 1087d ago )

Hopefully we can get more interesting stuff from this garage.

WeAreLegion1087d ago

I will definitely buy Splatoon. I want Nintendo to know we love when they bet on creativity and new IP's. I got a bit of hands-on time with this at E3 and loved it!

randomass1711087d ago

Me too. Though I am also very intrigued by Splatoon. I would very much like to see a colorful shooter like this one succeed.

AWBrawler1087d ago

splatoon is my most wanted game from E3