Nothing About Xbox One Justifies the Endless Flak it Receives

The Xbox brand is suffering under a heavy weight of hate these days but objectively speaking, it's hard to determine the cause.

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reef10171449d ago

They are both great systems but first impressions are everything and that XB1 reveal was horrendous.

nX1449d ago

Many people already moved from Xbox 360 to PS3 last gen when Microsoft couldn't keep up with Sony's game releases. This gen is just continuing that trend.

dotwithshoes1449d ago

What game releases? Sony has released 1 must have game for the ps4 and that was a remake..

guyman1449d ago Show
darthv721449d ago

Many gamers tend to buy "in addition to" not so much "in place of". Sales of the xb1 are lower than the PS4 which is understandable. but that doesnt mean that those who bought a PS4 first will continue to shun the xb1 throughout the generation.

those who buy the PS4 first will more than likely pick up an xb1 when it suits them. it is very common trend to buy the preferred platform first but then pick up the others when the time is right. there is no rule that says you must have all of them right off the start.

this isnt a race, there is no finish line but there is a winner. it's the gamers.

radler1449d ago

1 is greater than 0 lol

BitbyDeath1449d ago (Edited 1449d ago )


PS4 has 14 retail exclusive games vs Xbox1 8 retail exclusive games.

Fun fact, Xbox hasn't released an exclusive retail game since March.

Not sure if you know but we are just coming into September, that was over 6 months ago.

choujij1449d ago (Edited 1449d ago )


"Many gamers tend to buy "in addition to" not so much "in place of". ...those who buy the PS4 first will more than likely pick up an xb1 when it suits them."

Given the fact that the Wii-U is outselling the Xbone globally, it's far likelier PS4 owners are purchasing that as their second console.

And a general rule it makes more sense too, considering Nintendo's large library of ips, and the fact that the PS4 and Xbone share a lot of the same games. To pick an Xbone as your second console over a Wii-U would mean you happen to prefer it's fewer exclusives over Nintendo's. Which is fine for some, but not likely the norm for this gen.

So while you're right that gamers often buy more than one platform, that'll likely do more for the Wii-U install base than it will for the Xbone.

@DLC I'm not talking about their current install base numbers. I am referring to the current trend of worldwide sales as we speak. Some would even argue that Nintendo would have been better off to have waited, than cause the drought they did during the Wii-U's first year anyway.

DLConspiracy1449d ago


While that makes a lot of sense. I still don't understand why Wii u being out a full year doesn't ever factor in peoples discussions. Not trying to exclude Nintendo from the race but they didn't start at the same time anyway. Why do people always bring that up?

GameNameFame1449d ago

How about massive damage control, denial and cover up on significantly weaker hardware?

It was one desperate pr after another. Cloud magic and etc still. Lol

XBLSkull1449d ago (Edited 1449d ago )

I own both but my PS4 has gotten about 20 hours of use since February. I've used my Xbox almost everyday since launch.

The X1 games, network, and system features are what make it the entertainment hub of my house, while the PS4 has gotten limited usage with Killzone and Last of Us Remastered.

Edit: Oh well buddy, what you believe and what is fact are two different things. If people don't believe me that isn't my problem. I'll post a pic sometime soon.

BitbyDeath1449d ago


Nobody believes you.

Funantic11449d ago

Trust me Gears Of War and Halo will bring many to the X1. Some people are timing it just right for those releases.

AndrewLB1449d ago

BitByDeath- That list is utter BS. Final Fantasy XIV is not an exclusive for PS4. You can't tout Infamous First Light as a game since it's a 4 hour DLC. TLOU is not a PS4 exclusive since it was already released on PS3. The list says Xbone has 8 exclusives already released, when they actually have at least 10.

So out of 11 exclusives for Sony, you've got...

Tour De France
Killzone SF
Infamous: SS
Injustice (never heard of it)
Dynasty warriors (never even heard of it)
Air conflicts vietnam (same)
Bound by flame (again... same)

Looks like a bunch of crap to me.

In all honesty... Xbone is lacking games too. But i'd be more interested in Titanfall, Forza, Ryse, and Dead rising more than Killzone or Infamous.

The fact is, tons of games for both consoles have been delayed due because Developers were targeting a performance level that neither Sony or Microsoft were able to pull off... so they're being dumbed down.

kickerz1449d ago

It is a shame that so many people hate it. I'm lovin mine. Hopefully this Christmas sales will pick up, if not Microsoft May have to start thinking about making another xbox.

BitbyDeath1449d ago (Edited 1449d ago )


1. FF is not on Xbox1 which is why it is listed as an exclusive.

2. Where is First Light on that list?

3. If your going to take off TLOU and FF for being on multiple systems then you also have to remove Titanfall, Dead Rising 3, and Ryse from the Xbox1 list.

4. a. Injustice is a DC Comics fighting game, you heard of DC comics before?
b. Dynasty Warriors, how have you never heard of this franchise before? It is massive and has been around since at least the PS2 days.
c. Air Conflicts vietnam - never heard of it either.
d. Bound by Flame is an RPG, if you like WRPG's then you will probably like this.

Fact is having near 50% more games is better for the gamer.

700p1449d ago

That is not

4Sh0w1449d ago (Edited 1449d ago )

I wouldn't worry about the hate, it comes and goes. I believe in karma and despite what the haters say X1 has delivered a strong lineup already this year with Forza5, Ryse, DR3, Killer Instinct, and Titanfall, I think micro should be really proud that they offered that caliber of lineup at launch and in Titanfall's case a few months afterward. This along with constantly updating the console with really great features has demonstrated they are focused on what gamers want.

On a side note I think they should of timed Sunset Overdrive for Aug, gaps like that with a lack of notable exclusives are a bit dissapointing cause it seems like the game has been pretty close to finish for awhile, so perhaps more staff/resources could have push it forward a bit but its best not to rush things so we'll wait, I'm impatient but in the end the devs know best.

I'm not complaining because outside the internet specifically a handful of sites, I believe the buzz is positive about X1. Either just stop listening or dont be weak minded, stand up and say WHY X1 is your favorite= for me I know sony will have some games I would love to play but I value more of X1 games overall, from there the controller, online focus that micro delivers is more my style so instead of getting mad those of us like X1 should just smile, speak out and enjoy ForzaH2 next month, SSO the month after, HaloMCC because if you like those games you are winning. :)

Pogmathoin1449d ago

BitbyDeath + 1h ago

Nobody believes you.

From a fanboy who when not waffling here, is surfing porn on his PS.... As apparently happens a lot..... I have spent more time with the freebies on GWG 360 and PS3, catching up on many great games..... New gen so far has been boring, but that is to be expected....

VforVideogames1449d ago

Great article, hit the nail right on the head.

NeoGamer2321449d ago


That list is obviously flawed...

There should be a category for console exclusives as FF XIV, DR3, and Ryse are for PC as well (Or at least they will be).

TLOU is a recycled exclusive.

Putty Squad, Bound by Flame, Dynasty Warriors 8, Injustice, Pinball Arcade, Tour de France, and Air Conflicts Vietnam is also on X360/PS3 so they are not at all exclusive.

Also on the digital side it is similarly flawed.

Once you make the list accurate with PC included, both consoles look pathetic.

mixolydian_id1449d ago

The talk of exclusives is severely over-rated.

Exclusive indies? Knack?
They don't count in my opinion. I don't like indies... I can get them on my mobile phone... Can even play Cod Zombies on an Iphone 5 for 6$

Please file an exclusive list full of AAA 1st-3rd party titles.

Include multi-plats and don't flesh out the list with games that aren't worth talking about... just because they're another 'Trophy' and consider them a part of a winning list.

I'd rather one game that that I can enjoy for months and talk highly of, then a huge list of lacklustre titles that might aswell get benched on the B-list or have no interest in purchasing.

I'm sure even someone who is buying every game unrelentingly can see that some games are over hyped, some games have legs but are lesser known, some are more surprising and better then expected, others worse etc

nX1449d ago

^We don't care what counts for you as "exclusive", exclusive is exclusive. There are people who enjoy indies just as much as Knack or PvZ so excluding these games for the sake of stupid list wars is as bitchy as you can get. And no matter how the hell you look at it, there are currently more games available on the PS4 and yes, they run better on it as well. Sure you can bring up X1 exclusives but if you exclude the ones that are available for PC gamers as well you're going to have a pretty short and actually poor list.

SilentNegotiator1449d ago (Edited 1449d ago )

I know I did. By 2008/2009, it was clear that Ps3 was going to have the more varied, numerous exclusives.

"Injustice (never heard of it)"
Fanboy please. In that case, what's a Forza? Dead Rising? Master Chef? What are those? lol

GameNameFame1449d ago

Lol FF don't count but TF, Ryse, Dead Rising do? Sounds desperate to me. Lol

PONTIAC08G8GT1448d ago


What does it matter how many more PS4 exclusives have been released compared to X1? If the exclusives aren't good or they are all indie titles, does it really matter? Heck, the Wii releases tons of crap games on a weekly basis. I'd rather had 1 or 2 big hits a year then 10 mediocre games. Titanfall was a must buy if you had an X1. Is anyone still playing Infamous? TLOU was a remake. I think you could argue NEITHER system has had a great lineup up games to this point in the year. But to just say "PS4 has more exclusives this year" might be true, but if the games arent any good then is it really a bragging point?

Prime1571448d ago (Edited 1448d ago )


AAA doesn't mean good, and
Indie doesn't mean bad.


Indie doesn't mean good, and
AAA doesn't mean bad.

That's why I hate ignorant arguments based off of subjective thoughts. You don't prefer Indies, fine. However, the same multiplatform games still exist. Ps4 still has about %50 more games to choose from.


If you count titanfall as exclusive, then the logic persists through to final fantasy 14 as both games are on pc and exclusive to one console platform.

If you count Ryse and dead rising as exclusive... Well, let's start ps4's list of games also on another platform while not on x1/360: warframe, war thunder, balcklight, planet side 2, towerfall, don't starve, mercenary kings, D.C.universe online, final fantasy 14, transistor, and soon no man's sky.

Even cross gen games, the PlayStation platform has had more...

Look, it's ok to like xbox, but it's not ok to spew lies, or spinning to sit your needs. Xbox is good, yes. But the facts persist through subjective reasoning.

rainslacker1448d ago


While I agree, for my part, the X1 currently doesn't have enough compelling games either released or upcoming for me to consider it as a secondary system. I can play a majority of the games released on it on the PS4, and while there are good exclusives on the Xbox, I won't lose sleep from missing out on the few and far between awesome exclusives.

Nintendo on the other hand, has quite a few compelling games that you just can't play anywhere else, and since it's relatively cheap for a 2nd console, it would make more sense to have that instead of an Xbox.

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Sayai jin1449d ago

@reef, true enough. The only thing I will add is that it the core that was paying attention. There are a lot of people who have not moved to the new gen and the casuals as well. Most of them do not really no the inner circle of gaming news and will buy the system that has the games they like.

ITPython1449d ago (Edited 1449d ago )

The XB1 reveal was basically a giant middle finger pointed at gamers. And MS is constantly doing things that harm the future of gaming. Take the Tomb Raider timed exclusive deal for example, this doesn't help any gamer, not even those on the XB1. It's just MS wagging their money tail to greedily buy anything they can to hurt the competition (rather than making a better product people want to buy, MS just tries to hold back the competition to make their console look better by comparison).

Mark my words, this timed multiplat thing is going to be common place this gen, as that is really the only way MS can get an advantage over the PS4 on multiplat games. I wouldn't be surprised if the COD games are next on the timed exclusive bandwagon, followed by Assassins Creed, Battlefield, and other big-name titles.

Also lets not forget that MS pioneered timed DLC, and of course their well-known parity clause, which holds back games from being the best they can be just because the XB1 is weaker and MS doesn't want that difference to be noticed or too extreme.

The flak they, and subsequently the XB1, receive is perfectly justified. And I honestly hope MS gets out of the gaming business and sells the Xbox brand to a respectable company that doesn't use sleazeball tactics to get ahead, but instead strives to make a better product that people want to buy because it is high quality and is what the customers actually want (vs being tricked, manipulated or deceived into thinking they want it).

AndrewLB1449d ago

You guys keep making this claim that Microsoft is "Paying" developers to keep games off the PS4 platform... and it's getting old. How bout you put up or shut up??? Why don't you post this evidence you claim to have?

Did you know it is against federal law to pay a company in order to prevent them from doing business with a competitor? A few years ago nVidia was fined over a BILLION dollars because they worked a deal with Dell to use only nVidia GPU's in their computers in exchange for kickbacks. This wasn't even a direct payment, but an indirect one... and they still got busted.

So how bout it? Perhaps if you can prove such an illegal act was committed by Microsoft, Sony could sue them and rake in HUGE money! Perhaps they'll cut you in on the winnings... or maybe give you a new pair of Sony knee-pads since it's obvious yours must be worn out by now.

ITPython1449d ago (Edited 1449d ago )

Uh, does the next Tomb Raider ring any bells? You know, the one that MS paid for a timed exclusive on?

You know what this timed exclusive thing really means right? It means MS is paying to keep the game off the PS4 for a set period of time.

Seems pretty obvious to me. If you need any more proof, just Google "Rise of Tomb Raider timed exclusive Xbox One". It's pretty common knowledge that MS struck this deal with SE recently, surprised you haven't heard about it yet.

And if you are arguing that MS didn't pay for this, then wow. Yeah, I'm sure SE did this out of the goodness in their hearts. As I'm sure it makes the most sense to withhold a game off a console that has 2x's the install base of their competitor, and even though historically speaking PlayStation has moved the most amount of Tomb Raider sales. Yeah, that makes perfect sense. /sarcasm.

Kribwalker1449d ago

And sony doesn't money hat and buy 3rd party exclusives..:.::

Bloodbourne, no mans sky, GTA San Andreas was a sony timed exclusive back on PS2. Injustice was a ps moneyhat, destiny timed exclusive DLC, Deep Down, the list can keep going if you'd like. Better check your facts before you blame MS for all this timed exclusivity, it really started heavy with San Andreas and sony

zeuanimals1449d ago (Edited 1449d ago )


Nvidia was fined because they made a deal for an entire line of products, and it wasn't timed exclusivity on Dell PCs, it was full exclusivity. AMD and Intel weren't allowed to have their GPUs/APUs on Dell PCs at all with this deal.

MS paid for timed exclusivity on a single product, not on all of Square Enix's games. There's kind of a difference.


I don't think you understand what a moneyhat is, but yes, Sony's had timed exclusives, but they've never paid for them. Bloodborne is being co-developed and published by Sony. They didn't just throw money at From Software to not release it on other platforms, they helped From make and fund it.

No Man's Sky is made by an extremely small team, they can't make their game on more than one console at a time because of their size. They can just take extra time or just delay the PS4 version until all versions are finished, but that helps nobody, not even them since they could do with actual sales rather than none while they work on the other versions.

GTA San Andreas targeted the PS2 because they started working on that platform first since it had more than 4 times the installbase of the original Xbox. They made it for the PS2 and then ported it to other platforms when they were finished with those versions.

Injustice isn't a moneyhat because they paid for the development of the PS4 and Vita ports, same with the Borlderlands 2 port to the Vita. Wouldn't have happened if Sony didn't pay for it to happen. MS can get an Xbox One version of the game if they want, they just have to pay some devs to port it, same as Sony did, but they don't want to and they don't need to since they have a superior fighting game on their system already.

Timed exclusivity has been around for a long time but it tended to be because one version was finished before the others or devs just didn't bother with some platforms because it's either too hard to code for (PS3) or the installbase is just too small to even pay attention to for that time or at all. Paying for timed exclusivity or for games to be completely unplayable on another system hasn't been around for long.

redwin1449d ago

@zeuanimal, get out of my head.

Prime1571448d ago (Edited 1448d ago )

Andrew, "You guys keep making this claim that Microsoft is "Paying" developers to keep games off the PS4 platform..."

Ok, rise of the tomb raider is a sequel to tomb raider. Tomb raider definitive edition released on the same day for ps4 and xb1. It also sold more copies on ps4. Ps4 also has a bigger install base.

So, you really think the timed exclusive wasn't Microsoft paying to keep it off of ps for awhile? It's dumb to ignore the notion entirely. However, I understand why crystal dynamics would want to not release and compete on ps4 with uncharted releasing in the same window.

Krib, those games have entirely different circumstances... the logic you present isn't consistent between the two sets of arguments.

bababrooks1448d ago (Edited 1448d ago )

Blinkered post dude...i smell fanboy!!!! this is the perfect example of fud from a noob to gaming, well done man that post was gold :)

Edit..the award goes to python.

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Blaze9291449d ago

it's the popular thing to hate on Xbox now adays. Anything different you are seen as an outsider/enemy/traitor.

Guess that's the nerd side of gaming.

ger23961449d ago

Or, people just don't want it.

SilentNegotiator1449d ago (Edited 1449d ago )

"It's cool to hate X" is such a cop out.
Fanboys just don't want to fight criticism so they blanket it as "teh hatez"

Where's all the articles QQing about teh hatez on Ps4 for "having no games"? Ones that aren't a response to "HURRR TEH PS4 R JUS HYPE" articles, I mean.

assdan1449d ago

I don't get why people keep saying this. The ps4 is just a flat out better system than the xbox one.

JeffGUNZ1449d ago

That's completely subjective. The PS4 has an advantage with power of the consoles, that's really it. The fact you think that makes it a better console is simply your opinion. I will own a PS4 when Uncharted 4 releases, but Xbox One offered the better launch games for ME, better online community for ME, the integration with the Kinect controlling my living room was a great selling point, and I enjoy series like Gears, Halo, Forza, Crackdown, Fable, etc.

You see my point? I'm glad you love your PS4 and I'll be playing it too down the road, but opinions differ on preference.

joab7771449d ago

It's simple. They do deserve it. Here is why. I loved MS and xbox. It was built on hard core gaming and it's fan base. We were proud gamers.

Towards the end of last gsen, we started to wonder what was happening w/ Kinect etc. But there was always the next gen. It was gonna be the gamers box. How could they now?

Instead they chose entertainment while Sony went w/ building a pure gaming machine for a cheap price.
Yes, xbone has redeemed itself a bit, but it doesn't make up for the hopes and dreams we had for this system.

1449d ago
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When I first heard the xb1 announcement I thought "oh ok cool" MS is fast forwarding the gaming medium to the INEVITABLE digital age. After Sony's announcement I thought, cheaper, and they are staying with the traditional physical disc...AWESOME!! I knew I was going to get both but the ps4 would probably be my main console, and the xbox one would be for exclusives.

There was no hatred no, no screeming, whining or crying...I just knew I had options. After the games were announced and MS reversed their policies, I was a little disapointed because I wanted to see where MS was heading, and I didn't want two of basically the same consoles in my living room. Even though very different, I like both companies for that reason alone. I bought both anyway, and after owning both the xb1 naturally became the system I played the most, because of its features and most importantly the game selection.

I said all of that to say that we should never get emotional over ANY electronic company and or video game. These consoles are for our entertainment, and I will NEVER let emotions or a company affect my gaming enjoyment or hobby. MS and Sony had a vision for their consoles, and what they wanted to present to us gamers. It just turned out that people are not yet ready for MS vision...they aren't trying to screw you or "ruin gaming" they are trying to run a business and make you, developers, investors etc happy, but it all starts with a happy consumer...and THAT is what they have conformed to. What is wrong with that?

Why do you still hate????

Mikelarry1449d ago (Edited 1449d ago )

Really they were trying to make customer happy really?? ms with all their millions into r&d could not understand that the infrastructure to support always on internet was not there yet.

Ms was trying to please customer by basically saying our way or play a 360

Ms was trying to please us by lieing how kinect was part of the system and the xbone wouldn't work without it

Please the only people ms was trying to please was themselves and developers who wanted a piece of the used game market pie and thought they could strong arm us to their way or the high way

I don't hate them I disliked their original policies and when they amended them I bought the Xbox one


"Really they were trying to make customer happy really?? ms with all their millions into r&d could not understand that the infrastructure to support always on internet was not there yet."

How many time do you unplug your next gen console from the wifi or ethernet port? The online infrastructure has nothing to do with being always online. Either you have internet or you don't.

"Ms was trying to please customer by basically saying our way or play a 360"

One (now gone) CEO said something what? Did you know that MS got backlash for launching the original xbox with an ethernet port instead of a regular phone jack because most people didn't have highspeed internet? Look at us now.

"Ms was trying to please us by lieing how kinect was part of the system and the xbone wouldn't work without it"

This was not a WAS true. The way they built the console, it wouldn't work without it. They made software that enabled you to unplug it. The kinect was a part of MS vision of how they wanted us to interact with THEIR next gen console.

"Please the only people ms was trying to please was themselves and developers who wanted a piece of the used game market pie and thought they could strong arm us to their way or the high way"

Gamers always rant and rave about Steams approach to gaming. I think MS thought, "gamers like steams system, developers are complaining about pirated games, this could be a win win for both". My only problem with this is the pricing is still the same, and that is an industry problem. But if you look at Playstation now and EA access, we will eventually be buying are games all is me.

christocolus1449d ago

Well i think the article makes some valid points. I personally don't care which console gets attacked or which console is more popular. I buy consoles based on my preferences,its my choice and in the end i just prefer to do most of my gaming on xbox.

Its not difficult to see that there is great value in owning the console now atleast compared to launch. We know MS stumbled at the reveal big time but they've since tried to put things back in order.they've been doing a really great job. I don't know what all the fuss is about cos i keep seeing people bringing up the reveal&E3 2014 and hating on MS for that..I don't get it. That's over a year ago.I remember people hating on ps3 when it was announced but that didn't stop my friends and i from getting it just 6months after it was launched.

I'm lucky to have friends who really don't give a damn about all the fanboy wars..its childish and most evident on online forums and we don't act that way. Yeah we make fun of certain things when we playing games but we never take it too far. We enjoy gaming..we play games no matter the platform. good games will always be good games no matter what platform they are exclusive to.

I honestly just want the xbox one to do well enough to encourage MS continous investment into the brand. I love the direction they going now and i think its great,at this point i really don't know if they will ever catch up with sonys numbers, even if they don't ill be happy to see them sell enough units&make enough profit to justify the continous funding of great games..if it goes well it will be a lot easier for them to defend investments into xbx ones successor. Its something i want to see.I'm eager to know how the lessons they've learnt from this gen will affect the deceisions they'll make when developing the next xbox.

Mikelarry1449d ago (Edited 1449d ago )

The online infrastructure has nothing to do with being always online??? Did I just dream that the Xbox one had to connect to servers evey 24 hrs and only supports broadband connections there are still town where broadband internet has not yet reached so the infrastructure does affect them owning the Xbox one. There was a survey recently that showed an outstanding amount of Americans still on dial up.

Don mattrick was the main honcho of the Xbox games division so whatever he said was what the Xbox one would have been. If don was still at ms kinect would not have been unbundled because he truly believed in that tech so much he made that silly comment.

No it was a lie MS kinect was integral part of the Xbox one and you can't just flip a switch to unbundle kinect in the next 24 hours this was done easily so it was a lie

Gamers do like steam but like always the want to mimic steams business model but still want to charge outrageous prices.

The real reason the Xbox one stumbled out of the gate was lack of a clear message at who the box was aimed at and what it was trying to achieve. They never explained clearly why all the polices were in place and how it will benefit me the gamer to get their console over the competition. And when pressed for answers they talked around the issues instead of talking to us as mature customers who wanted to understand the machine

"We will all be buying digital"

You see thats another thing that bugs me why must it be digital or nothing. The movie business is able to provide both digital and physical no issues and we know how much movies / TV shows are pirated. I don't want to be forced to only one choice there has to be options,digital has to make sense over physical.

With the recent ddos attack has this not opened your eyes to the the biggest drawbacks of going only digital. I don't want to have to depend solely on any of these publishers servers to enjoy my games I have paid good money for

darthv721449d ago

your last point about digital...well the physical releases of movies are going to begin slowly phasing out in favor of the on demand and digital downloading.

consumers are all about convenience and if a company can convince them that its easier for them to use their existing remote and just order the new release and watch within minutes instead of going to a store and waiting in line to buy the same get the idea.

All it takes is the right company, the right movie opportunity and consumers looking for a change in making things easier. They started bundling digital vouchers for some movies years ago. Now most new releases include one by default. there will be a shift where you wont be buying physical movies but digital vouchers that you can preorder and then download on release day.

Its happening sooner than many think.

Xb1ps41449d ago (Edited 1449d ago )

You never answered the question... How many times do you unplug your console from the Internet? Only response you had was "what about towns with no broadband?" If that's the case, what about towns with no internet at all? Should we all just not evolve until every single person has Internet? Do you go to a grocery store and say, hmm I won't buy those chicken wings because a lot of ppl can't buy it?

Kinect shouldn't have been unbundled that was a stupid mistake to try and please fanboys that had/have no intentions of buying it anyway.

What makes you think it took 24hrs to flip the switch? The damn thing never launched for you to know thatl lol..

I agree with you with steam, I'm all digital this gen but I shouldn't have to pay full retail price especially since none of the games I nought came with any DD bonuses.. So I may not support for too long unless they start dropping the price for day one digitalis.

I agree again with you on the lack of a clear message they hurt the xbox brand big time with that.. The sad part is that IMO the xb1 is the better over all console as a owner of both consoles the ps4 will never take over my living room. The hdmi in is pure genius, if my tv is on so is my xbox because my xbox turns it on right a long with my stereo. I can change channels, volume, and go right back into my game because of the awesome suspend then turn everything off at once with a touch of a button. I don't see how if you have just a decent entertainment center you would not like those features..

I don't understand this whole ddos attack didn't let me play my DD games you Paid for. I was pissed because I had the house to my self that day and really wanted to play infamous with music unl. I love how music unl. Blends well with games, anyway I was pissed because while I was able to play infamous just fine I couldnt play m-unl. Because you had to be signed in. I also played tlou just fine off line. I didn't play any of the ps+ free games so not sure if those would of worked since you need a sub. To play them.

choujij1449d ago (Edited 1449d ago )

I love when people try to defend the type of DRM that Microsoft had planned for the Xbox One. How quickly, they seem to forget this:

Another thing people seem to forget is that the always online was actually a 24-hour check-in. So in other words, games generally would still need to be playable offline like they are now, unless of course the nature of the game would dictate it be online only (ie: Titanfall, Elder Scrolls Online, etc).

Also I want to point out, nothing stops Microsoft from letting you share your digitally purchased games with friends right now. Nothing, except they themselves.

HanzoHattori1449d ago (Edited 1449d ago )


I think you're missing the point that Mikelarry and others are trying to make. Microsoft has never been a consumer oriented company. Sony shapes and molds their products into things that gamers want. Take PS Now for example. At first, PS Now was only available on Sony products, now it will be available on all internet capable devices. PS Now originally offered only game rentals, now it will offer subscriptions. And now you have Microsoft. I'll skip E3 2013, it's old news. Let's begin with the Kinect. As Mikelarry said earlier, even when consumers showed Microsoft that they didn't want it, they still bundled it with the Xbox One and added 100 bucks to it's price tag.
And just recently, the deal with Square Enix which was a move that doesn't benefit gamers. Hell, it doesn't even benefit Square Enix. Microsoft's intent with this deal is obvious to most, and ignored by others: To fill in the "exclusive" gap for holiday 2015, to compete with Uncharted 4, and to attempt to use ROTTR to sell more Xbox One consoles. Most of the things and ideas Microsoft comes up with in regards to the Xbox One seem solely focused on what Microsoft wants, in spite of what gamers have clearly shown and demonstrated what they want. Sony asks for feedback, input, ideas by using surveys, emails, and beta tests to actually see what gamers want and in turn, Sony shapes their products with what gamers seem to want. Here are a few questions for those who own an Xbox One: How many beta tests were you invited to participate in? How many times were you sent an email asking for thoughts and ideas to make a product better? How many surveys have you received from Xbox? Microsoft needs to get feedback instead of relying on market studies FROM PEOPLE WHO DON'T PLAY VIDEO GAMES! One company wants to increase profits with help from gamers the other just wants to make profits. It's much more than an image problem, especially when the evidence is quite clear.

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BABY-JEDI1449d ago

MS were trying to break into a bigger consumer market using the Xbox 1. It was now designed to be a multi-media box with MS controlling the media market (similar to Apple model). The problem being that the shift was so great that MS had left behind its initial market base, the gamers. MS & it's investors put the $ before it's consumer market. It's milking service had failed. But you obviously don't see it that way, do you?

DigitalRaptor1449d ago (Edited 1449d ago )

You pretty much nailed it, but it goes deeper than that.

It's not only about ignoring your key market, and diluting what this hobby of ours is into something ugly and unrecognisable, but it's also about rampant anti-consumerism.

These Xbox apologists are trying to rewrite history because the outlash against Microsoft for their decisions is no longer in strong play. Remember you guys, MS planned for years to put controlling, anti-consumer measures in place, including using Kinect for intrusive data mining, and it wasn't even just one thing, but several, including blocking your physical discs. I mean what was even the point of having physical discs if they were just going to be DRM'd up the ass, and controlled by MS as how you could sell your physical belongings?

It was a f*****g crusade against consumer rights and lack of foresight into (a) what gamers wanted and (b) what the market and infrastructure was ready for. That is why they tried to sweeten people up with things like "family share" but be purposely vague about it, and then deny it their fans cause of "flippin the switch" and all that jazz. It still remains possible RIGHT NOW through digital distribution, so where is it?

The apologists can spin it how they want, but MS not only divided its fanbase with its selfish anti-consumerism, but also did the same thing by building a system that was a casual, non-gaming multimedia box before it was a gaming console built with the feedback of gamers and developers in mind. It revealed its console such, and is dealing with the consequences of poor priority in an industry dominated by gaming and gamers. It's almost like MS focus-grouped Apple consumers when they set about in creating the Xbone.

Then there were the desperate lies, manipulation, smoke and mirrors marketing tactics (all things MS is notorious for). It's ridiculous that the result of these combined fails, still rouses the apologist Xbox revisionists, pretending it wasn't a big deal.

It all comes down to Microsoft and their decisions and attitude. Xbone gets the flak from what its creator does, not what it is.

bababrooks1448d ago

Lol.....What are the compitition doing, one company cashed in on a year old rehash that in some respects didnt match the original !!!!

JJShredder1449d ago

Marketing is the biggest reason IMO.

Nintendo had NO marketing for the Wii U and are suffering for it.

Microsoft had plenty of marketing but it was poor and left a bad taste and it hurt them.

Sony played it safe and said the right things that gamers wanted to hear and deserve the success they have.

In either case, every system has it's own strengths and weaknesses and the pecking order in which how many each company sells shouldn't stop you from enjoying the games you want to play and which group of people to play with.

Don't let silly fanboys and girls make you feel like you made a bad choice and call out the jerks on the internet that try to do that to others, even if they like the same preferred system as you.

Happy gaming!

Ju1449d ago (Edited 1449d ago )

I am pretty sure MS is outspending any other gaming company in marketing. There goes your theory. It's not the amount of points you make, it's the big points that count. And Sony simply made more big points.

mochachino1449d ago

I think a lot of the flak comes from gamers that were hoping xone to be the best console and wanting to buy it but were disappointed with MS initial policies and the fact that MS sacrificed manufacturing costs on Kinect instead of more power and budgets on things that had little to do with games.

360 gamers at first were used to having the best exclusives, then when most of them went multiplat (or got worse) at least they still had the best version of multiplats most of the time, now neither of those former xbox benefits are true..all for Kinect and TV.

$400 million for exclusive NFL content, hundreds of millions more for Kinect but very new few 1st and 2nd party games.

Manic20141449d ago (Edited 1449d ago )

The $400m NFL deal actually was not a Xbox but a Microsoft Contract for team management to use surface tablets during games and for Surface/Xbox branding to appear during games. Nothing really different from Playstation sponsorship during UEFA.

Nolando1449d ago

from my understanding Xbox (and M$ products) will be able to stream highlights and other features prob through a dedicated NFL app.

I just hope we get the ability to watch/stream live games or even just maybe one game a week throw up there or watch replays...

stupid direct tv I will not buy it!

Loktai1449d ago

Correction... 360 gamers were used to THINKING they had the best exclusives. The machine was out a full year before Wii and PS3 so of course it had more games initially, at least in the west. Early PS3 was alllright for games nothing revolutionary but plenty to play. . . later on it wasn't simply 360 getting worse but you began to get the uncharted sequels, demons souls and so on.... 360 was better for shooters at first and for many people first person shooters are synonymous with games. A more varied international selection would be Wii or PS3 especially these days for ps3 with many jrpgs and stuff.

THAT BEING SAID- The Xbox doesn't deserve flack but
it doesn't deserve equal treatment either. Its not a race or a religion or something where we need to make xbox guys feel good for their choice to buy a system for the same price that is without a doubt lower end hardware, not by a world of difference but by enough for devs and gamers to notice. If you had a choice of buying the same car with a slightly better engine for the same price wouldn't you take it? People make brand choices all the time with cars, sports teams and so on... nobody considers this weird, fanboyish, immature.... not everyone wants to buy multiple consoles, split their Gamerscore/trophies across multiple platforms on multiplats etc. Full disclosure, I have a PS4 but was an XBOX fan especially hardcore with the first XBOX and I hated sony for killing dreamcast and competing with my xbox , When xbox got silent hill 2 with some small upgrades I laughed and laughed at sony..... but when a couple years later I got a PS2 and saw the actual experience and games I changed my mind- Devils advocate: the ps2 is much weaker than the xbox and most will agree it had better games.

mochachino1448d ago

Halo 3, Mass Effect 1, Gears, Forza, and Fable (while it was still good), were a pretty good exclusive lineup imo...and PS3 mulitplats rans pretty badly at first.

Loktai1448d ago


Mass effect and gears were both on PC
though yes console exclusives.
I didnt have much problem with PS3 multiplats
but much like with XBox multiplats now you
usually didnt notice unless you sat in front of
both of course that didnt stop the whole internet
from noticing and going nuts.

I dont know exact dates outside the launch titles but
just off the top of my head

Rachet and clank
heavenly sword
little big planet
Gran turismo 5 prologue

These were all pretty early in its life... I thought it was a pretty good lineup at the time especially since I also had a gaming PC so a couple of the titles you mentioned werent out of reach without a 360. Plus early in the 360s life I was turned off from buying one due to a family friend having one (fable obsessed) and it kicking the bucket a couple months in, then the replacement kicked the bucket the next year some time and all the other horror stories I heard, I wasnt going to put down the cash for one. I hear some people had them last and I know PS3s can yellow light of death as well, but the only one I've ever seen break in person was one that got wet, out of a dozen or so my friends/family/acquaintances own.

I am dreadfully sorry for bringing up last gen RROD/YLOD for no reason :/ Im not trying to troll.

CaptainPunch1449d ago

People love dwelling at the past, I don't own an Xbox One yet but plan on getting it soon.

slivery1449d ago

That is one of the biggest problems in the world is what you just mentioned right there, people don't dwell on the past and look how they constantly keep making the same stupid mistakes and repeating all the mistakes made throughout history.

Knowing and remembering your past is important to be able to fix problems in the future, sadly many people are just like you and could give a rats ass about our future or making the same retarded mistakes civilizations have made time and time again.

There is a reason the saying exist "History always repeats itself" because no one is willing to learn enough from the past.

George Bernard Shaw -

"If history repeats itself, and the unexpected always happens, how incapable must Man be of learning from experience."

Could not have been said any better and that quote still strikes so true even today.

BABY-JEDI1449d ago

Progression through Regression
; )
It's good to learn from others mistakes.

Xb1ps41449d ago

I would get all of what you are saying if ms launched xb1 the way they intended to and still had those policies today..

Technically there is no history cause it never launched like that.. Ppl said no, ms fought back and said yea then everyone said f-u then ms said sorry here's what you want...

What ppl have is a grudge and don't give me that "when they sell enough they will go back" what would that gain them? They didn't make much off that, we all know how they make money.Yea you lost out on that console money but you can still sell it and THEN never support them again but no.... We should just never forgive and support them ever again over an idea... That IMO might of not been all that bad had ms presented it better.

I think ms had there hands slapped hard and long enough to move on, I'm sure they got the message and if you still can't see that then there is no way you can argue my "grudge" statement

How far do you want to take this? Until ms quits on consoles? You don't think that's taking it too far?!

One last thing can you give me a list of things you hate about the current xb1, the very one you can buy today not the one from 2013 e3