Nothing About Xbox One Justifies the Endless Flak it Receives

The Xbox brand is suffering under a heavy weight of hate these days but objectively speaking, it's hard to determine the cause.

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reef10171089d ago

They are both great systems but first impressions are everything and that XB1 reveal was horrendous.

nX1089d ago

Many people already moved from Xbox 360 to PS3 last gen when Microsoft couldn't keep up with Sony's game releases. This gen is just continuing that trend.

dotwithshoes1089d ago

What game releases? Sony has released 1 must have game for the ps4 and that was a remake..

guyman1089d ago Show
darthv721089d ago

Many gamers tend to buy "in addition to" not so much "in place of". Sales of the xb1 are lower than the PS4 which is understandable. but that doesnt mean that those who bought a PS4 first will continue to shun the xb1 throughout the generation.

those who buy the PS4 first will more than likely pick up an xb1 when it suits them. it is very common trend to buy the preferred platform first but then pick up the others when the time is right. there is no rule that says you must have all of them right off the start.

this isnt a race, there is no finish line but there is a winner. it's the gamers.

radler1089d ago

1 is greater than 0 lol

BitbyDeath1089d ago (Edited 1089d ago )


PS4 has 14 retail exclusive games vs Xbox1 8 retail exclusive games.

Fun fact, Xbox hasn't released an exclusive retail game since March.

Not sure if you know but we are just coming into September, that was over 6 months ago.

choujij1089d ago (Edited 1089d ago )


"Many gamers tend to buy "in addition to" not so much "in place of". ...those who buy the PS4 first will more than likely pick up an xb1 when it suits them."

Given the fact that the Wii-U is outselling the Xbone globally, it's far likelier PS4 owners are purchasing that as their second console.

And a general rule it makes more sense too, considering Nintendo's large library of ips, and the fact that the PS4 and Xbone share a lot of the same games. To pick an Xbone as your second console over a Wii-U would mean you happen to prefer it's fewer exclusives over Nintendo's. Which is fine for some, but not likely the norm for this gen.

So while you're right that gamers often buy more than one platform, that'll likely do more for the Wii-U install base than it will for the Xbone.

@DLC I'm not talking about their current install base numbers. I am referring to the current trend of worldwide sales as we speak. Some would even argue that Nintendo would have been better off to have waited, than cause the drought they did during the Wii-U's first year anyway.

DLConspiracy1089d ago


While that makes a lot of sense. I still don't understand why Wii u being out a full year doesn't ever factor in peoples discussions. Not trying to exclude Nintendo from the race but they didn't start at the same time anyway. Why do people always bring that up?

GameNameFame1089d ago

How about massive damage control, denial and cover up on significantly weaker hardware?

It was one desperate pr after another. Cloud magic and etc still. Lol

XBLSkull1089d ago (Edited 1089d ago )

I own both but my PS4 has gotten about 20 hours of use since February. I've used my Xbox almost everyday since launch.

The X1 games, network, and system features are what make it the entertainment hub of my house, while the PS4 has gotten limited usage with Killzone and Last of Us Remastered.

Edit: Oh well buddy, what you believe and what is fact are two different things. If people don't believe me that isn't my problem. I'll post a pic sometime soon.

BitbyDeath1089d ago


Nobody believes you.

Funantic11089d ago

Trust me Gears Of War and Halo will bring many to the X1. Some people are timing it just right for those releases.

AndrewLB1089d ago

BitByDeath- That list is utter BS. Final Fantasy XIV is not an exclusive for PS4. You can't tout Infamous First Light as a game since it's a 4 hour DLC. TLOU is not a PS4 exclusive since it was already released on PS3. The list says Xbone has 8 exclusives already released, when they actually have at least 10.

So out of 11 exclusives for Sony, you've got...

Tour De France
Killzone SF
Infamous: SS
Injustice (never heard of it)
Dynasty warriors (never even heard of it)
Air conflicts vietnam (same)
Bound by flame (again... same)

Looks like a bunch of crap to me.

In all honesty... Xbone is lacking games too. But i'd be more interested in Titanfall, Forza, Ryse, and Dead rising more than Killzone or Infamous.

The fact is, tons of games for both consoles have been delayed due because Developers were targeting a performance level that neither Sony or Microsoft were able to pull off... so they're being dumbed down.

kickerz1089d ago

It is a shame that so many people hate it. I'm lovin mine. Hopefully this Christmas sales will pick up, if not Microsoft May have to start thinking about making another xbox.

BitbyDeath1089d ago (Edited 1089d ago )


1. FF is not on Xbox1 which is why it is listed as an exclusive.

2. Where is First Light on that list?

3. If your going to take off TLOU and FF for being on multiple systems then you also have to remove Titanfall, Dead Rising 3, and Ryse from the Xbox1 list.

4. a. Injustice is a DC Comics fighting game, you heard of DC comics before?
b. Dynasty Warriors, how have you never heard of this franchise before? It is massive and has been around since at least the PS2 days.
c. Air Conflicts vietnam - never heard of it either.
d. Bound by Flame is an RPG, if you like WRPG's then you will probably like this.

Fact is having near 50% more games is better for the gamer.

700p1089d ago

That is not

4Sh0w1089d ago (Edited 1089d ago )

I wouldn't worry about the hate, it comes and goes. I believe in karma and despite what the haters say X1 has delivered a strong lineup already this year with Forza5, Ryse, DR3, Killer Instinct, and Titanfall, I think micro should be really proud that they offered that caliber of lineup at launch and in Titanfall's case a few months afterward. This along with constantly updating the console with really great features has demonstrated they are focused on what gamers want.

On a side note I think they should of timed Sunset Overdrive for Aug, gaps like that with a lack of notable exclusives are a bit dissapointing cause it seems like the game has been pretty close to finish for awhile, so perhaps more staff/resources could have push it forward a bit but its best not to rush things so we'll wait, I'm impatient but in the end the devs know best.

I'm not complaining because outside the internet specifically a handful of sites, I believe the buzz is positive about X1. Either just stop listening or dont be weak minded, stand up and say WHY X1 is your favorite= for me I know sony will have some games I would love to play but I value more of X1 games overall, from there the controller, online focus that micro delivers is more my style so instead of getting mad those of us like X1 should just smile, speak out and enjoy ForzaH2 next month, SSO the month after, HaloMCC because if you like those games you are winning. :)

Pogmathoin1089d ago

BitbyDeath + 1h ago

Nobody believes you.

From a fanboy who when not waffling here, is surfing porn on his PS.... As apparently happens a lot..... I have spent more time with the freebies on GWG 360 and PS3, catching up on many great games..... New gen so far has been boring, but that is to be expected....

VforVideogames1089d ago

Great article, hit the nail right on the head.

NeoGamer2321089d ago


That list is obviously flawed...

There should be a category for console exclusives as FF XIV, DR3, and Ryse are for PC as well (Or at least they will be).

TLOU is a recycled exclusive.

Putty Squad, Bound by Flame, Dynasty Warriors 8, Injustice, Pinball Arcade, Tour de France, and Air Conflicts Vietnam is also on X360/PS3 so they are not at all exclusive.

Also on the digital side it is similarly flawed.

Once you make the list accurate with PC included, both consoles look pathetic.

mixolydian_id1089d ago

The talk of exclusives is severely over-rated.

Exclusive indies? Knack?
They don't count in my opinion. I don't like indies... I can get them on my mobile phone... Can even play Cod Zombies on an Iphone 5 for 6$

Please file an exclusive list full of AAA 1st-3rd party titles.

Include multi-plats and don't flesh out the list with games that aren't worth talking about... just because they're another 'Trophy' and consider them a part of a winning list.

I'd rather one game that that I can enjoy for months and talk highly of, then a huge list of lacklustre titles that might aswell get benched on the B-list or have no interest in purchasing.

I'm sure even someone who is buying every game unrelentingly can see that some games are over hyped, some games have legs but are lesser known, some are more surprising and better then expected, others worse etc

nX1089d ago

^We don't care what counts for you as "exclusive", exclusive is exclusive. There are people who enjoy indies just as much as Knack or PvZ so excluding these games for the sake of stupid list wars is as bitchy as you can get. And no matter how the hell you look at it, there are currently more games available on the PS4 and yes, they run better on it as well. Sure you can bring up X1 exclusives but if you exclude the ones that are available for PC gamers as well you're going to have a pretty short and actually poor list.

SilentNegotiator1089d ago (Edited 1089d ago )

I know I did. By 2008/2009, it was clear that Ps3 was going to have the more varied, numerous exclusives.

"Injustice (never heard of it)"
Fanboy please. In that case, what's a Forza? Dead Rising? Master Chef? What are those? lol

GameNameFame1089d ago

Lol FF don't count but TF, Ryse, Dead Rising do? Sounds desperate to me. Lol

PONTIAC08G8GT1088d ago


What does it matter how many more PS4 exclusives have been released compared to X1? If the exclusives aren't good or they are all indie titles, does it really matter? Heck, the Wii releases tons of crap games on a weekly basis. I'd rather had 1 or 2 big hits a year then 10 mediocre games. Titanfall was a must buy if you had an X1. Is anyone still playing Infamous? TLOU was a remake. I think you could argue NEITHER system has had a great lineup up games to this point in the year. But to just say "PS4 has more exclusives this year" might be true, but if the games arent any good then is it really a bragging point?

Prime1571088d ago (Edited 1088d ago )


AAA doesn't mean good, and
Indie doesn't mean bad.


Indie doesn't mean good, and
AAA doesn't mean bad.

That's why I hate ignorant arguments based off of subjective thoughts. You don't prefer Indies, fine. However, the same multiplatform games still exist. Ps4 still has about %50 more games to choose from.


If you count titanfall as exclusive, then the logic persists through to final fantasy 14 as both games are on pc and exclusive to one console platform.

If you count Ryse and dead rising as exclusive... Well, let's start ps4's list of games also on another platform while not on x1/360: warframe, war thunder, balcklight, planet side 2, towerfall, don't starve, mercenary kings, D.C.universe online, final fantasy 14, transistor, and soon no man's sky.

Even cross gen games, the PlayStation platform has had more...

Look, it's ok to like xbox, but it's not ok to spew lies, or spinning to sit your needs. Xbox is good, yes. But the facts persist through subjective reasoning.

rainslacker1088d ago


While I agree, for my part, the X1 currently doesn't have enough compelling games either released or upcoming for me to consider it as a secondary system. I can play a majority of the games released on it on the PS4, and while there are good exclusives on the Xbox, I won't lose sleep from missing out on the few and far between awesome exclusives.

Nintendo on the other hand, has quite a few compelling games that you just can't play anywhere else, and since it's relatively cheap for a 2nd console, it would make more sense to have that instead of an Xbox.

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Sayai jin1089d ago

@reef, true enough. The only thing I will add is that it the core that was paying attention. There are a lot of people who have not moved to the new gen and the casuals as well. Most of them do not really no the inner circle of gaming news and will buy the system that has the games they like.

ITPython1089d ago (Edited 1089d ago )

The XB1 reveal was basically a giant middle finger pointed at gamers. And MS is constantly doing things that harm the future of gaming. Take the Tomb Raider timed exclusive deal for example, this doesn't help any gamer, not even those on the XB1. It's just MS wagging their money tail to greedily buy anything they can to hurt the competition (rather than making a better product people want to buy, MS just tries to hold back the competition to make their console look better by comparison).

Mark my words, this timed multiplat thing is going to be common place this gen, as that is really the only way MS can get an advantage over the PS4 on multiplat games. I wouldn't be surprised if the COD games are next on the timed exclusive bandwagon, followed by Assassins Creed, Battlefield, and other big-name titles.

Also lets not forget that MS pioneered timed DLC, and of course their well-known parity clause, which holds back games from being the best they can be just because the XB1 is weaker and MS doesn't want that difference to be noticed or too extreme.

The flak they, and subsequently the XB1, receive is perfectly justified. And I honestly hope MS gets out of the gaming business and sells the Xbox brand to a respectable company that doesn't use sleazeball tactics to get ahead, but instead strives to make a better product that people want to buy because it is high quality and is what the customers actually want (vs being tricked, manipulated or deceived into thinking they want it).

AndrewLB1089d ago

You guys keep making this claim that Microsoft is "Paying" developers to keep games off the PS4 platform... and it's getting old. How bout you put up or shut up??? Why don't you post this evidence you claim to have?

Did you know it is against federal law to pay a company in order to prevent them from doing business with a competitor? A few years ago nVidia was fined over a BILLION dollars because they worked a deal with Dell to use only nVidia GPU's in their computers in exchange for kickbacks. This wasn't even a direct payment, but an indirect one... and they still got busted.

So how bout it? Perhaps if you can prove such an illegal act was committed by Microsoft, Sony could sue them and rake in HUGE money! Perhaps they'll cut you in on the winnings... or maybe give you a new pair of Sony knee-pads since it's obvious yours must be worn out by now.

ITPython1089d ago (Edited 1089d ago )

Uh, does the next Tomb Raider ring any bells? You know, the one that MS paid for a timed exclusive on?

You know what this timed exclusive thing really means right? It means MS is paying to keep the game off the PS4 for a set period of time.

Seems pretty obvious to me. If you need any more proof, just Google "Rise of Tomb Raider timed exclusive Xbox One". It's pretty common knowledge that MS struck this deal with SE recently, surprised you haven't heard about it yet.

And if you are arguing that MS didn't pay for this, then wow. Yeah, I'm sure SE did this out of the goodness in their hearts. As I'm sure it makes the most sense to withhold a game off a console that has 2x's the install base of their competitor, and even though historically speaking PlayStation has moved the most amount of Tomb Raider sales. Yeah, that makes perfect sense. /sarcasm.

Kribwalker1089d ago

And sony doesn't money hat and buy 3rd party exclusives..:.::

Bloodbourne, no mans sky, GTA San Andreas was a sony timed exclusive back on PS2. Injustice was a ps moneyhat, destiny timed exclusive DLC, Deep Down, the list can keep going if you'd like. Better check your facts before you blame MS for all this timed exclusivity, it really started heavy with San Andreas and sony

zeuanimals1089d ago (Edited 1089d ago )


Nvidia was fined because they made a deal for an entire line of products, and it wasn't timed exclusivity on Dell PCs, it was full exclusivity. AMD and Intel weren't allowed to have their GPUs/APUs on Dell PCs at all with this deal.

MS paid for timed exclusivity on a single product,