DarkZero: UEFA Euro 2008 Review

DarkZero writes: "Well, it's here again. The football tournament that infiltrates our homes, hearts and minds every leap year is once again upon us, and EA have once again been kind enough to grace us with yet another addition to its flagship footballing juggernaut. Thankfully, due to the drastic improvement present in their last couple of Fifa releases, this is no longer something to be frowned upon with horror and disgust, but rather a real opportunity to put the failures of the home nations to one side and enjoy playing out the competition in a much more satisfying manner.

As is tradition with these Euro editions, the sole focus is on this summer's Euro 2008 tournament, with no options available to play league matches with club teams. Of course, anyone expecting otherwise obviously hasn't gotten used to EA's formula of milking these sports franchises for all they're worth, but in fairness 'it does what it says on the tin', and there's always the excellent Fifa 08 to satisfy any other needs. In any case, enough changes have been made to justify forking out once more for this latest incarnation, with several new modes and play devices introduced which substantially alter the way the game is played."

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crazy250003840d ago

I have PES and thinking about getting Fifa 08, but I dont know about this. Didnt like the demo much....anyone have this?

3839d ago