Siliconera: Metal Gear Solid 4 interview with Ryan Payton

Siliconera writes: "The real reason we were at the Metal Gear Solid 4 launch party wasn't to photograph the line at Best Buy. I went to the event to speak with Ryan Payton, assistant producer at Kojima Productions. One of the decisions I made about the interview was to avoid spoilers so we didn't talk about the plot of Metal Gear Solid 4 at all. Instead we discussed future plans for Metal Gear Online, and how Solid Snake got his iPod. Read on without fear!

Q: Metal Gear Solid 4 is a really big game for the PlayStation 3. A lot of people here tonight are big Metal Gear fans, but how do you think a newcomer to the series will be able to get into Metal Gear Solid 4?

A: As we went into development we had a number of high priority items, things we knew we had to accomplish. The number one was to be a killer app for the PS3, to wrap up the story of Metal Gear, and about a list of about ten really important things. In the list of ten things was making sure people who have never played Metal Gear will still understand the story and enjoy the game having no prior experience [with the series].

Based on that objective we've implemented a number of different items in the game to get people accustomed to the story without playing the previous games. Like the flashback scenes players can trigger throughout the cutscenes will remind them of what happened in previous games or let them know what they might have missed if they haven't played that previous game. Even in the script too, we don't say, "Hey remember what happened six years ago?" We do a pretty good job of explaining the context and why this is important. In sight of all of that MGS4 has its own mini story from start to finish. There is an intro, climax and conclusion. People who haven't played Metal Gear I think should be just fine."

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