Metro Redux 2033 is having lot of bugs after launch, issues are being investigated: Dev

It seems Metro Redux 2033 buyers facing number of issues on Xbox One and PC platform. For PC platforms there are number of complaints on the official support and forums from Gamers who bought the game, specially those who pre-loaded it.

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GusBricker1421d ago

PS4, as well.

My brother told me his save corrupted and he kept getting an error that made his game reboot.

nucky641421d ago (Edited 1421d ago )

not for me, gus. I'm playing ps4 version and am having a lot of fun. I'm nearly at the end of metro2033 (I'm guessing near the end) and I haven't run into any problems so far (fingers crossed!) hopefully I don't run into any bugs in last light either.

btw gus - tell your brother to keep an eye out for other game saves being corrupted and having the reboot error. one of my online friends kept having this issue and he eventually had to send his ps4 to sony to have it straightened out.

GusBricker1421d ago

Damn, it could be the PS4 and not the game? That sucks.

SirDjss1421d ago

They can start by fixing the crappy blurry graphics you grt when playing at 0,5 antialiasing. The game looks worse then the old 2033 version.

matt1391421d ago

Yeah i have to leave it off because at 2x i drop from 60 to around 30fps.

1421d ago
darkstar181421d ago

This was just a quick cash grab nothing more.

cj1pate1011421d ago

When the original versions of Metro had tons of bugs and glitches -.-,why does this not surprise me at all?

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