Guerilla Reveals Secrets Behind Killzone Shadow Fall's Advanced Reflections, GPU Compute, Volumetric

At this year's SIGGRAPH, Guerilla Games' Michal Valient gave an in-depth presentation outlining screen-space reflection system and volumetric rendering system used in Killzone Shadow Fall.

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Forn1270d ago

Killzone: SF is quite a stunning game to say the least.

UltraNova1270d ago

Yep! Its one of a very few so called next-gen games to deserve that title! There's one indoors level the one with the servers and stairs where the lighting is the best I have ever seen!

Stunning through and through.

I can only imagine how good-looking their next game will be...

DivoJones1270d ago

Maybe they should teach Watch Dogs how to do reflections. And if you happen to not know what I mean, Watch dogs reflections show something completely different than what is actually behind you.. as seen here.

cyclindk1270d ago

Well yes, but lots of games have done that (not an excuse of course), but it is better than a surface without any reflective quality at all!

ND + Guerilla + Rockstar to create the ultimate example of an open world sci-fi shooter RPG epic; do it Sony.

Oschino19071270d ago

I agree Watch Dogs reflections were pretty obviously out of place often but KZ has the same thing in many spots just blended in better.

NobleRed1270d ago

Watch Dogs is crap man.

C-H-E-F1270d ago

should teach watch dogs alot actually because reflections isn't their only fail... character models is yuck... all meshed up... looking like gtaiv pre alpha lOl.

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ps4fanboy1270d ago

It is beautiful , I was pretty astounded when I first booted it up, and still impresses , makes you wonder what their next outing will look like!

SoapShoes1270d ago

So glad Until Dawn is using this engine! :)

Sevir1270d ago

Yeah Until Dawn looks incredible with this engine. High production values

cyclindk1270d ago

"Static Localized cubemaps which are pre-rendered [static] reflections. And Pre-rendered background cubemap which provides infinitely distant environment reflections."

This is the line that makes everything clear.... so simple to understand after this part.

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